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System highlights

Introduced in 2001. And still one-of-a-kind. Today, the UROSKOP family remains the only urological systems on the market that offers unrestricted patient access from all sides. It lets you experience a new level of clinical workflow and helps you provide the best possible patient care. With a fully ergonomic design, easy operation, and clear image quality.

Basic Unit

Optional right-handed or left-handed version
TubeLongitudinal travel (with resting patient)
X-ray generatorMicroprocessor-controlled, high-frequency X-ray generator for radiography and fluoroscopy
Tilt rangeMotorized tilt of ± 90°
Automatic tilt stop in the horizontal position (0°) and
Trendelenburg tilt of ± 15°
Table heightContinuously adjustable height and travel
Micturition exams: seat height as low as 43 cm from floor
FLUOROSPOT Compact FLCDigital imaging system based on Windows XP® operating system
Acquiring, viewing and postprocessing of all images
Offers a local storage capacity of up to 15,000 images
Networking and DocumentationFull DICOM functionality and Medical Report


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