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Patient care and workflow optimization

Dedicated features like the Siemens` unique unrestricted patient access, crisp and clear images at significant dose savings and other proven features lets you experience a higher level of patient care and a totally new level of clinical workflow for urological applications.

Time and cost savings

UROSKOP Access will help you to save time and costs, while at the same time increase and facilitate the quality of your work with:

  • Unrestricted symmetrical patient access thanks to its curved X-ray column
  • No more patient repositioning and anesthetic workplace stays in one spot
  • Free positioning of TFT color monitors on a spring-articulated swivel arm
  • Multiple interfacing possibilities with endoscopy, ultrasound and urodynamic workstations
  • Intelligent table movements, i.e. Trendelenburg tilting around perineal end of the table
  • Ergonomic hand-held and footswitch control with intuitive symbols

UROSKOP Access allows you to perform a wide variety of clinical applications, whether diagnostic or therapeutic like: radiographic examinations, transuretheral and percutaneous interventions, laparoscopies, urodynamics and ultrasound examinations.

IT connectivity
With UROSKOP Access you have a local storage of up to 15,000 images. Full DICOM functionality provides for optimal connectivity. So you can easily send, store, retrieve or print all kinds of clinical images directly at the system.

High uptime
Siemens Remote Service is an efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for the complete spectrum of medical-equipment-related remote services. Services that formerly required on-site visits are now available via data transfer.

Seamless support
With the development of digital solutions, there is a great need for seamless workflow and high operational security. That`s why we have developed our proactive service solutions that help you increase system availability. We also support you with application trainings, workshops, further education and much more.


Unrestricted patient access

Thanks to the curved X-ray column urology staff benefits from the unrestricted patient access from all four table sides. With this feature there is no more patient repositioning needed. Moreover, the anesthetist does not have to change the working position.

Excellent interfacing possibilities to endoscopy, ultrasound or urodynamic workstations

You can connect endoscopy and ultrasound systems to UROSKOP Access and view images side-by-side with X-ray. It is possible to store these images together with all X-rays in one patient folder and send them to a PACS with just one click. In addition, you can connect your urodynamic workstations to UROSKOP Access.

Freely programmable table heights and tilts

The table can be moved in virtually any position you need. This provides a comfortable working position for you and easy mounting for your patient as well as ground-feet position during video urodynamic procedures. The table offers a Trendelenburg tilt of +/- 15° and pivots around the perineal end of the table, allowing you to remain in a constant working height.

Patient Benefits

Less dose thanks to CARE initiative

While always sharpening up on image quality, we are also committed to further reduce dose. This is why we have started our CARE* initiative years ago. Of course we have equipped our UROSKOP Access with all the features of our CARE program, thus providing dose savings of up to 70%.


Unrestricted patient access and no patient repositioning for safer procedures
Unrestricted patient access from all four table sides and the omission of any need for patient repositioning or relocation of anesthetic equipment during the exams add to the safety of your patient.

Excellent image quality for clear diagnostic results
Crisp and clear images without blurred edges and the ability to zoom into every tiny detail support the value of your diagnose without the need of additional imaging and thus radiation exposure, required with competitive systems.

Adjustable table height and tilts for increased patient comfort
The flexible table can be adjusted to any height. Immobile patients can easily be moved from their patient beds directly onto the table by simply adjusting the table heights. During this process, the staff can always stand at the gravity center of the patient, transferring him easily and safely. The table can also be tilted into an upright sitting position for urodynamic procedures. During this intervention, your patient can sit comfortably on the micturition seat with his feet always on the ground.

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* Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE), a Siemens initiative for dose reduction.