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Shock wave parameters

Focal size

The focal zone provides an indication of safety of stone disintegration. The width of the shockwave focus compensates for the stone excursion caused by breathing. The larger the better!


Pressure has no significance for stone disintegration. It is, however, often considered to be responsible i.a. for tissue damage. The less the better!

Energy density

Energy flow density, as a single figure, cannot be directly related to the disintegration of calculi by a lithotripter. It does, however, have a direct correlation to tissue damage. The less the better!


Energy is the only parameter which permits genuine information on the stone disintegration of a lithotripter. The more the better!

Summary: The new shock wave system Pulso provides these results

  • Optimal combination: High energies and low energy density combined with a large focus size assure effective and safe therapy
  • Outstanding stone disintegration with minimal side effects
  • Even larger stones can be disintegrated in one session only 



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