Innovative design increases efficiency in urology

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Innovative design increases efficiency in urology
LITHOSKOP, our multifunctional lithotripter, exceeds today’s demands for efficiency, workflow optimization, and patient care.

Time and cost savings
LITHOSKOP’s most exciting feature is its unique design – consisting of two parallel C-arms. The therapy head rotates around the patient and adapts to the patient’s position. This makes patient repositioning unnecessary and enables easy patient access from all sides of the table. This significantly enhances the quality of care and at the same time streamlines the clinical workflow.


Designed to perform
In addition to its excellent stone disintegration capabilities, the therapy head features a lifetime of 1.5 million shocks, which is the longest available on the market today.


Maximum impact, minimum side effects
Pulso is characterized by a high shockwave energy at a very large focus. This allows for maximum hit rates and optimal stone disintegration. Complications and pain are considerably reduced because energy density is kept at a minimum. As a result, patients can be treated without anesthesia, and in most cases, administration of analgesia proves sufficient.


Its exceptional image quality makes LITHOSKOP a true multifunctional system. Thanks to high-resolution X-ray and fluoro images, a variety of diagnostics, auxiliary procedures before lithotripsy, and even endourologic interventions can be performed on LITHOSKOP. This can increase patient comfort and enhance workflow for physicians and medical staff.

Seamless support
Wherever your hospital or your medical practice is located, you can rely on a worldwide service network with a local branch close to you. Quick and qualified service is always at your fingertips. Moreover, LITHOSKOP comes with comprehensive remote service options that allow for online servicing of your system and for proactive monitoring.


Adaptable shockwave head for over- and undertable therapy

A dedicated design of the shockwave head including the acoustic lens ensures an optimized energy distribution in the target volume.

With a simple push of a button, the shockwave head can be positioned in:

  • Two undertable positions (right / left) for kidney stones, stones in the upper ureter
  • One overtable position for ureter stones, bladder stones, treatment of Peyronie's disease (IPP), and shockwave applications in orthopedics (e.g. pain therapy)


Find out more in our 3D Animation

Trendsetting design

LITHOSKOP unique design makes the differnce - consisting of two parallel C-arms and the ergonomic table design. The therapy head rotates around the patient and adapts to the patient’s position. This makes patient repositioning unnecessary and enables easy patient access from all sides of the table.

The integrated endoscopic shelf offers space for auxiliary equipment.

It is equipped with a powerful X-ray tube, a state-of-the-art image intensifier, and a true 1K2 digital imaging chain.

The flexible, high-resolution, high-contrast flatscreen monitors display every detail – whether X-ray, ultrasound, or endoscopic images from integrated modules of other sources.


Rounding out the picture with ultrasound ACUSON X150

Best-in-class diagnostic performance, maximum upgrade flexibility and exceptional system reliability make the ultra-compact, lightweight ACUSON X150™ ultrasound system a safe investment into the future.

  • All-digital image processing
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology for improved tissue resolution
  • Excellent image quality
  • Dedicated Autofocus and waterpath compensation
  • Intuitive and powerful ergonomic user interface
  • Seamless integration of digital archiving, review, and transfer


Find out more about ACUSON X150. 

Flexible operation
Additional to the system control in the control room, LITHOSKOP’s centralized, user-friendly manual control permits easy adjustment of the table and of all system functions from patient bed side. This unique control unit is equipped with a color display and enables the user to easily switch between lithotripsy and urological interventions.


Patient Benefits

Ready for a multitude of applications
It was designed in cooperation with leading physicians and hospitals. LITHOSKOP is an excellent system for virtually all applications and offers true multifunctionality. This means that you can perform almost all urological operations on a single system and without patient repositioning.

One-time positioning
LITHOSKOP features a uniquely versatile therapy head that fully adapts to the clinical needs. Therefore, patient repositioning is no longer necessary . Your patient can remain in the supine position. This enables anesthesia to stay at one end of the table without patient or equipment repositioning.

High power and maximum dose savings
LITHOSKOP’s high capacity X-ray system helps you see the relevant details at first pass. The need for additional radiation exposures is reduced to a minimum, which significantly contributes to time and dose savings. Most cases can be evaluated with fluoroscopy, which means a further reduction of exposure times.

Rounding out the picture with ultrasound
The all-digital ACUSON X150 is ideal for use as inline ultrasound localization device with LITHOSKOP. It is designed to fit clinical needs today and evolves to meet future patient requirements and clinical applications.

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