Innovative design increases efficiency in urology

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  • Workflow optimized stone disintegration of virtually every type of stone with the Pulso shockwave head. Pulso offers high energy and a wide shockwave focus.
  • 38 power levels allow for efficient and individualized treatment of almost every patient.
  • A special pediatric kit for the treatment of smaller patients is also available.



  • The adjustable isocentric table tilt of ± 15° allows for comfortable endourological interventions as well as all necessary auxiliary procedures. LITHOSKOP’s exclusive ergonomic table design eliminates patient repositioning even when changing from endourology to lithotripsy.
  • Endourological video sequences can be viewed directly on the monitors.
  • The integrated endoscopic shelf offers enough space for all your equipment.


Percutaneous interventions and minimally invasive surgery

  • Access from all sides of the ergonomic table makes LITHOSKOP ideally suited for all percutaneous and surgical interventions.
  • The one-time patient positioning keeps anesthesia always at the same end of the table


Orthopedics and Peyronie’s disease (IPP)

The flexible shockwave head positioning and a special orthopedic adapter allow for efficient pain therapy, various orthopedic applications and the treatment of IPP.


New shockwave technology Pulso
We have designed a new shockwave technology, PulsoTM, which achieves outstanding results. With a penetration depth of 16 cm and an increased shockwave focus, Pulso enables effective treatment even for larger patients. Side effects are reduced to a minimum.


  • Inline X-Ray & Ultrasound
    => Safe, reliable and accurate stone localization
  • 16 cm (6.3 inches) penetration depth
    => Efficient treatment also of obese patients
  • High effective energy
    => Maximum stone disintegration
  • Low energy density
    => Reduced side effects and complications
    => Low pain treatment
  • Large focus
    => Maximum hit rate
  • Long lasting shockwave head
    = >1.5 Mill. shocks (2 Mill. MLT)
  • 38 energy levels
    => For individualized treatment of almost every patient 

Smooth data handling and network integration

LithoReport™, our dedicated software solution, saves all patient, therapy and imaging data in a single system. Patient data is retrieved from the HIS or RIS, and all new information from stone size and location, through treatment details and shockwave values can be stored with a single mouse click. Thus, the data is readily available for retrieval when needed.

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