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Conventional point-of-care ultrasound systems may jeopardize the sterile field in crowded workspaces, resulting in several manual pre- and post-procedural tasks to obtain clear visualization and maintain the sterile field during ultrasound procedures.

The ACUSON Freestyle Series is the world’s first wireless ultrasound solution, redefining ultrasound access at the point of care. Intended uses include nerve block, vascular access, CVC placement, PICC placement, etc.

The series offers scalable configurations to promote automated workflow, clear visualization and faster access to the ultrasound procedure using cable-free and wireless technologies, and cross-modality synchronization. You can choose one of the configurations below and also find detailed feature specifications for each.

1) ACUSON Freestyle™ Ultrasound System

This portable solution promotes automated workflow and clear visualization at the point of care using cable-free technology and wireless connectivity to redefine ultrasound access throughout your practice. For the cost-conscious user, the ACUSON Freestyle system provides add-on options that include Needle V needle visualization or DICOM Support. If you require both options, select the ACUSON Freestyle Elite.

2) ACUSON Freestyle™ Elite Ultrasound System
This adaptable solution includes both Needle V needle visualization and DICOM Support to promote automated workflow, clear visualization and faster access to the ultrasound procedure both at the point of care and in the interventional suite. Artis Patient Synchronization is also available, allowing automated patient registration data from a compatible Artis angiography system to the ACUSON Freestyle Elite - saving time by automating patient registration on the ultrasound unit.

Optional with ACUSON Freestyle™ Elite Ultrasound System: Artis Access
Select Artis Access to get Artis Patient Synchronization and a fully-mounted ultrasound solution combined with the Artis with PURE® angiography systems. Experience a unique interventional workflow - optimized for cable-free, zero-footpri nt workspace while allowing faster time to access the ultrasound exam.

Match your clinical requirements with ACUSON Freestyle Series features.

FeaturesACUSON Freestyle™ Ultrasound SystemACUSON Freestyle™ Elite Ultrasound System
Pixelformer™ image processing architectureStandardStandard
Video gamma correctionStandardStandard
wide (trapezoidal imaging) modeStandardStandard
Auto SendStandardStandard
Auto Study ManagementStandardStandard
Probe Localization alertsStandardStandard
ACUSON Freestyle mobile link appStandardStandard
Wireless NetworkingStandardStandard
Needle Visualization (Needle V)OptionalStandard
External AntennaOptionalOptional
Artis Patient Synchronization Not AvailableOptional
Artis Access* Not AvailableOptional


*Includes Artis Patient Synchronization, external antenna and ACUSON Freestyle Elite-to-Artis Large Display mounting

* *Available exclusively on the ACUSON Freestyle™ Elite Ultrasound system. For use with new Artis with PURE® VD11 (with 55" Artis Large Display) angiography systems.

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