Virtual Touch IQ

Virtual Touch IQ
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Virtual Touch IQ uses a sequence of an acoustic push pulse followed by tracking pulses to estimate shear wave speed:

  1. User-defined Region of Interest (ROI) is placed
  2. Acoustic push pulses are applied across the ROI
  3. Tracking beams (sensitive to greater than 1/00 the wavelength of sound) then estimate the velocity of the resulting shear waves by measuring the time between the generation of the shear wave and the passing of shear wave peak at an adjacent location
  4. The result is an exceptionally high resolution color-scaled display, with the scale being user-adjustable to show a narrow or wide range of shear wave velocities
  5. Quantitative measurements of stiffness can be acquired, and inserted into a comprehensive reporting package

Available on the 9L4 transducer and for Breast, Thyroid, Musculoskeletal and Small Parts exams.