ACUSON SC2000 PRIME Ultrasound System

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ACUSON SC2000 PRIME Ultrasound System
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See the unseen. Quantify every detail. Accelerate your workflow.

The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME cardiovascular ultrasound system provides excellent image quality with IN Focus and real-time True Volume imaging and increases productivity with 1-click measurements, automated protocols and navigational tools


Power of the platform

Our most powerful system, the ACUSON SC2000 PRIME, with its 64 parallel beams (four times more than conventional technology) provides two platform defining features: IN Focus coherent technology and True Volume b-mode and volume color Doppler.

Asset utilization

The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME is the cardiovascular ultrasound system that can perform 2D and 3D TTE, TEE and ICE to handle all your cardiovascular imaging needs. This versatile system can be utilized throughout all stages of patient management to improve workflow, maximize system utilization and support more exams and interventions.

Imaging performance

IN Focus coherent technology provides focus at every pixel at every depth all the time for better spatial resolution, precise border definition, and blood flow visualization, without compromising frame rate.

Visualize the heart in real-time with True Volume b-mode and volume color Doppler imaging, providing real-time assessment of anatomy and physiology at clinically relevant volume size and volume rates without stitching, which is essential for diagnosis and SHD interventions.

Comprehensive suite of quantification tools

Decrease variability with 1-click automated knowledge-based measurements. The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME offers over 200 automated measurements for TTE and TEE exams.

Expand Clinical Insights with Multi-modality Imaging

TrueFusion* integrates advanced ultrasound and angiographic imaging for improved navigation and guidance during structural heart disease interventions.

  • Confidently guide interventions with markers and valve models overlaid on live fluoroscopy using real-time True Volume and volume color Doppler
  • Help improve communication between echocardiographer and interventionists with a true integration of echo and angio
  • Simplify your workflow with potentially lower dose, contrast and procedure time

Offline Analysis

Siemens offers four offline workplace solutions: syngo® SC2000 Workplace, syngo® Ultrasound Apps Suite, syngo® Dynamics, and TOMTEC-ARENA™**. These solutions provide a range of customizable options to enable offline analysis, whenever and wherever needed.

Remote Service

Siemens offers remote service to enable faster resolution time and overall increased productivity through eSieLink remote assistance technology. This service allows clinicians to work more confidently with access to support when and where they need it.

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The products and features (here mentioned) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Standalone clinical images may have been cropped to better visualize pathology.

*TrueFusion represents a workflow consisting of syngo® TrueFusion and TrueFusion™ echo-fluoro guidance.

** TOMTEC™ and TOMTEC-ARENA™ is a trademark of Tomtec™ Imaging Systems GmbH.