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The mobile C-arm machine Cios Select is a smart choice for surgical imaging and offers a number of benefits – including a robust design, easy system operation, and sharp imaging at low dose.

99.8% system availability2 – reliability in a smart, lean design

Keep your operational costs predictable by providing your OR team with a robust C-arm that is characterized by high availability and low maintenance requirements.

  • Based on long-term experience in surgical imaging – successor in long line of well-known, established mobile C-arms
  • Robust hardware and software – thoroughly tested and proven
  • Tailored service offering – for you and your mobile C-arm machine


Smart system operation – with an intuitive user interface

Leverage your workforce and reduce training requirements with smart, intuitive system features like color-coded brakes and a concise control panel that simplifies system operation.

  • Simple button-based system control – via robust control panel on main unit and monitor cart
  • Intuitive C-arm positioning – with color-coded axes and brake handles
  • Easy to maneuver and position – thanks to compact, lightweight design of C-arm and monitor cart


High image quality – combined with IDEAL dose management

Improve patient care by giving your staff access to sharp, low-dose images enabled by proven optics and intelligent imaging algorithms like IDEAL (Intelligent Dose Efficiency Algorithm) as well as a basic vascular option.

  • Ideal for routine cases – in ortho and trauma surgery as well as urologic and basic vascular procedures
  • Sharp images at high resolution and low dose – thanks to advanced CCD camera and optics combined with IDEAL dose management
  • Radiation-free, precise C-arm positioning – with integrated laser light localizer1 on image intensifier


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2Average system availability over the entire Siemens C-arm installed base

Cios Select is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.