Performance Plans

Optimize instrument performance with customizable service plans that help maximize your lab’s productivity.

Performance Plans
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Maximize uptime and extend system life with a Siemens Performance Plan. With fewer disruptions and reliable instrument performance, you can enhance your lab’s reputation for speed and quality.

Because every lab is different, we offer three Performance Plans – PRO, PLUS or TOP – with features such as these:

Technical phone support
Whenever you have a question, call our Technical Solutions team, part of the Customer Care Center. One of our 200 expert technicians can often get you back up and running without a service visit. In fact, up to 75% of customer issues are resolved remotely.

Remote repairs and monitoring
Minimize disruptions to your workflow and maximize system availability with Siemens Remote Service (SRS). Seamlessly connecting with select instruments, we can diagnose problems and complete repairs – without a service visit. For some systems, SRS also enables predictive monitoring to help prevent problems before they happen.

ServiceTrak™ has ranked Siemens #1 in overall remote service performance.

On-site repairs
When a service visit is needed, we promptly dispatch one of our 900 highly trained Field Service Engineers to get you back online again. With a parts availability rate of 98.7%, you’ll have the right parts right when you need them.

Planned, preventive maintenance
Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures greater instrument availability and helps maintain regulatory compliance. You also have the option to schedule planned maintenance visits during off-peak hours.

Software & hardware updates
Keep your instruments up to date with the latest technology advances. We provide periodic updates to your software and hardware to extend the life of your systems.

Whatever plan you choose, you’ll benefit from a tailored solution that helps keep your lab running smoothly. Download our brochure that details each plan and optional features.

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