ES Benefits

Performance through Partnership

Enterprise Services and Solutions brings together products and solutions that deliver improved healthcare performance through deeper, longer-term relationships. As your strategic partner of hospital management, Siemens ES will continuously innovate and reinvent to explore new ways to achieve common goals.

Why customers have chosen us:

Managed Equipment Services

Managed equipment services is a flexible and specialized partnership with a private sector service provider to give access to innovative medical technology and equipment over a long-term period, for a fixed annual fee.

Service Performance

  • Asset and fleet optimization to maximize return-on-assets
  • Performance benchmarking and improvement programs
  • Single point of contact with lower complexity
  • Efficient procurement processes


Technology Implementation

  • Clinical best-practice to improve patient safety
  • Right-sizing of technology to meet clinical needs
  • On-time delivery of projects with targets achieved
  • Hospital can focus on clinical core


Equipment Lifecycle Care

  • Complete equipment lifecycle management
  • Dedicated MES team and expertise on-site
  • Minimal hospital service disruption, efficient installation
  • Continuous improvement of staff and motivation



"Siemens has been active in the market for a long time and it also has lots of clinical experience.”
"Our collaboration is progressing well and the output from our department has increased on several fronts."

Gé Hoffland
Radiologist, VieCuri Medical Center, Netherlands


Healthcare performance

Siemens Healthcare Enterprise Services & Solutions (ES) delivers tailored long-term partnership solutions to help healthcare providers improve their overall enterprise performance.

ES does this through a consultative approach to solution development which brings together the full suite of Siemens Healthcare’s portfolio in a bespoke way for each customer.

Strategy and workflow consulting

  • Medical portfolio planning
  • Asset capacity & demand analysis for resources
  • Business case for modalities, feasibility studies for expansions, and functional enhancements (Innovation/new service (line) concepts, e.g. Hybrid OR)
  • Hospital Master-Planning
  • Sustainable hospital solution, e.g. Green+ Hospital
  • Workflow-optimized layout



“The Siemens system provides a rapid and thorough assessment with practical recommendations that rapidly increase the performance of our stroke system. The evaluation by a neutral, competent and knowledgeable party is indispensable.”

Prof. Dr. Vincent Thijs
Director of the Stroke Program, Neurological Clinic, University Clinical Center Leuven, Belgium
Member of the Committee of the European Stroke Organisation

Clinical partnerships

At ES we are innovative and rely on clinical expertise to support various research projects as well as a broad network of key opinion leaders. Some offerings and their associated benefits include:

Common research program:

  • Development of research strategies and direction/establishment of a common think tank
  • Building a high-tech research hub and support consumable purchase
  • Increase attractiveness for research staff
  • Support of customers funding activities

Provision of a knowledge exchange platform and of Siemens network access

  • Open access to internal Siemens expertise
  • Open access to external Siemens collaboration network
  • Provision of publications/knowledge management & dissemination strategy
  • Joint marketing activities and support

Integrated training concepts

  • Higher staff satisfaction and retention
  • Improved clinical outcomes


Financing solutions
The need for flexible financing solutions for a healthcare enterprise is often a driver for long-term agreements with companies like Siemens. Together with Siemens Financial Services (SFS) and their dedicated global healthcare team, ES supports  customers with a wide range of financial instruments and a deep understanding of financing in healthcare markets. This makes our tailored healthcare financing solutions simpler and more cost-effective.


New business approaches
At ES we engage with our customers in a long term partnership, where our common goal is to improve performance of the enterprise along the clinical, operational and financial dimension.

As we jointly develop solutions with our customers in a consultative and collaborative way, we are also ready to explore new business models, such as medical equipment operations or other radiology services. Such approaches also entail sharing some of the benefits and risks in a new way.
By aligning incentives in collaborative partnerships with our customers, we enable them to focus on their core activities: Driving clinical quality and increasing patient satisfaction, while ensuring affordable costs.