From ordinary to extraordinary in just one room

Join the new movement with robotic X-ray

From ordinary to extraordinary in just one room
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Multitom Rax offers your radiology department excellent patient care as well as high productivity. Its range of application is so comprehensive that we had to create a new category: Twin Robotic X-ray.

Perform a multitude of X-rays – in just one room

Improve asset utilization and save on room costs with Multitom Rax – by integrating multiple X-ray capabilities in one room.

  • Multi-modality – radiography, 3D tomography, fluoroscopy, angiography …
  • Multi-clinical – from trauma, orthopedic, intervention, pain management, and more
  • Multi-dimensional – static, dynamic, and natural Real 3D
  • Multi-patient – pediatric, geriatric, bariatric, immobile, trauma patients – almost every patient you can think of


See reality with Real 3D – for the first time

See the unseen in Real 3D with Multitom Rax – the first X-ray scanner that allows exams and diagnoses under natural weight-bearing, opening up new clinical possibilities.

  • First time realistic 3D images under natural weight-bearing, in lying, stitting and standing conditions
  • Low-dose protocols
  • Comfortable patient positioning with open design


Let the robots move – not your patients

Prevent your patient from pain and risks – by letting the scanner revolve around your patient and utilizing its open, patient-centered design.

  • Less patient risks and pain due to fewer patient transfers and repositioning
  • Full patient focus and access, e.g. for interventions
  • Excellent image quality at low dose
  • Better care for pediatric, geriatric, bariatric, immobile and trauma patients


Define standards easily – and multiply your productivity

Achieve higher productivity and reduce costs – through flexible room utilization, standardized workflows, and reproducible results.

  • Simplify hospital pathways, use fewer rooms and increase utilization
  • Standardize results for constant outcomes with robotic precision – consistent usability and image impression
  • Streamline cost with MAX functionalities, high scanner reliability and preventive service


Be future-proof – with Twin Robotic X-ray

Make your investment future-proof. Defining the category of Twin Robotic X-ray, Multitom Rax is designed to be flexibly adapted to changing requirements – including future applications.

  • Adapt easily and be prepared for changes in patient mix and healthcare regulations
  • Stay ahead with unique innovative functionalities
  • Be future-proof with an investment in the newest X-ray technology from the world market leader in healthcare imaging


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Multitom Rax is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.