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Time for a change?

Special trade-in incentives on GE scanners


Does your facility struggle with common MRI challenges like limited capabilities, inconsistent exams, unpredictable scheduling, and costly downtime?

Then it’s time for a change.

Healthcare providers worldwide trust our market-leading scanners because they are built for longevity. Consider the MAGNETOM Symphony. It was launched 20 years ago and remains relevant today.

In fact, the proven technology found in our older scanners continues to fuel innovative advancements today—especially for the development of progressive clinical applications, automation to reduce variability, and techniques to accelerate scanning speed—and will continue to do so well beyond the next 20 years.

Replacing your aging scanner is possible for less than you think. We can help you transition to new MRI technology by offering attractive trade-in values for your GE scanners, like the Signa HD, along with flexible financing plans.


Check out two of our standard, trendsetting applications:

Quiet Suite: Imaging is to be seen, not heard.
Deliver complete, quiet neuro and MSK exams with no compromises in diagnostic image quality.

GOBrain: Clinically validated, push-button brain exam in 5 minutes*
Acquire high-quality diagnostic images, including all of these necessary contrasts and orientations:

*Achieved on a MAGNETOM Skyra with the Head 32 coil. Total examination time can take up to 6 minutes depending on system field strength and coil density.