MRI in Radiation Therapy – Insights

Welcome to the video section about Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Radiation Therapy. In this section, you will learn more about the functionality and advantages of MRI and its special use in Radiation Therapy (RT).


Watch the videos:

Why MRI in RT? – The clinical motivation

Recently there is a growing interest in the use of magnetic resonance imaging in radiation therapy. This is due to the many attractive features for radiation therapy that MRI has to offer.

What is MRI and how does it work? – Part 1

In this session you will learn about the basic principles of an MRI signal and the different ways it is acquired.

What is MRI and how does it work? – Part 2

In this advanced module about MRI and how it works, you can have a closer look at how the different contrasts can be obtained, and how the MR image is generated from the Free Induction Decay signals.

Challenges in MRI in RT

In this module you will learn more about the challenges and their solutions in MRI for radiation therapy and get a better understanding of the differences between MRI for diagnostic imaging and RT planning.

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