SOMATOM Definition AS Open

A powerful and versatile platform for RT professionals that pushes the limits of RT imaging.

SOMATOM Definition AS Open
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An advantage for your treatment preparation

Maximize your patient outcome not only by having an accurate image for difficult cases such as pediatric and large patients but also by addressing the challenge of metal implants and managing moving tumors efficiently.

Improved visualization with HD FoV Pro
HD FoV Pro provides intelligent contour and attenuation estimation on large FoV for accurate body outline and tissue density - thereby bringing excellent image quality even for large patients.

Remove metal artifact with iMAR
With iMAR1,2 Siemens offers metal artifact correction on a completely new level. The algorithm combines all three successful approaches: beam hardening correction, normalized sinogram inpainting, and frequency split. No matter if the artifacts are caused by implants such as i.e. dental fillings, screw, plates or prostheses, iMAR helps to boost the image quality.

Comprehensive motion management
Motion Management Pro2 is a comprehensive solution for managing respiratory motion allowing slow acquisitions, fast inhale and exhale protocols, prospective and 4D retrospective imaging with phase, time and amplitude reconstructions. The Open Gating Interface supports interfacing with external motion management devices such as Varian´s RPM®3.

An advantage for your investment

Secure financial performance with an upgradable system that enables to be future-ready as the standard of care increases and complex treatment techniques are more widely adopted.

Promising new capabilities
With Dual Energy2, two datasets at different kV settings are automatically acquired and merged. This allows characterization of tissue, metal artifact reduction and supports improved delineation. This high-end feature on a large bore CT also paves the way for promising new applications such as quantitative Z-maps which can be used for dosimetric research, for example when using electrons or protons.

The system can be expanded to 64-slices with z-Sharp, with Siemens' Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE) and state-of-art 3D interventional suites to offer additional services such as follow up diagnostic and interventional procedures.

An advantage for your operations

Improve your process efficiency through an advanced solution from a dedicated RT partner that will ease your everyday workload.

Easy-to-use and advanced multi-modality contouring tool
syngo.via RT Image Suite supports you in getting more out of your CT images, efficiently.

  • Streamlined workflow with data pre-fetching and one-click export to TPS of images and contours
  • Easy review and selection of the right images with the ability to display up to 4 series side-by-side2
  • Flexible and confident contouring of moving tumors, using 4D CT data, AverageCT, t-MIP and individual breathing phases
  • Expandable clinical capabilities by enriching the solution with further syngo.via CT applications

Seamless and flexible integration
The SOMATOM Defintion AS Open – RT Pro edition integrates easily into your existing radiation therapy environment and is compatible with a range of Oncology Information Systems (OIS) and Treatment Planning Systems (TPS), such as Varian’s ARIA®3 and Eclipse™3.

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1iMAR is designed to yield images with a reduced level of metal artifacts compared to conventional reconstruction if the underlying CT data is distorted by metal being presented in the scanned object. The exact amount of metal artifact reduction and the corresponding improvement in image quality achievable depends on a number of factors, including composition and size of the metal part within the object, the patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. It is recommended to perform iMAR reconstruction in addition to conventional reconstruction.


3Product of Varian Medical Systems