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SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro

Blaze a new trail in RT.

SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro

    As advanced treatment techniques become more widely implemented, the demand for more patient-specific and disease-specific images grows–because high-stakes treatments require the utmost confidence in contouring. The SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro delivers personalized images at no cost to treatment planning efficiency. Its new feature, DirectDensityTM1, enables users to acquire images at any kV with only one calibration curve2—thus enabling RT professionals to achieve the optimal image quality for each individual case.

    1 DirectDensity™ reconstruction is designed for use in Radiation Therapy Planning (RTP) only. DirectDensity™ reconstruction is not intended to be used for diagnostic imaging.

    2 As shown by measurements with a Gammex 467 Tissue Characterization Phantom comparing standard reconstruction (kernel D30) and DirectDensity™ reconstruction (kernel E30). HU value to relative electron density conversion for the standard reconstruction was based on a two-linear-equations approach with individual calibration for each tube voltage. For DirectDensity™ images, a single tube-voltage-independent linear conversion was used.

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