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When it comes to savings, Ysio® offers an answer – by helping you bring your clinical activities in line with your business expectations.

The FD technology of Ysio can offer numerous advantages over cassette- and CR-based systems – advantages with the potential to positively impact your bottom line. When considering the purchase of a new radiography system, it pays to compare several factors other than simply procurement costs, as this brief overview shows.


In comparison to minimally automated systems and CR imaging, Ysio adds value through:

  • Fewer work steps
  • Increased examination capacity and shorter throughput times
  • Fewer examination rooms to handle same or greater imaging volume
  • Possibility to reallocate staffing resources and reduce room space
  • Overall cost savings for consumables, labor and fixed overheads
  • Significant reduction of patient examination and waiting times
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Improved staff morale
  • Substantial cost savings

Faster across the examination spectrum
Consider the following efficiency study for 193 patients at the Children’s Hospital CHU de Nancy Brabois, France, where exams with a Siemens FD system were up to 30% faster on average than exams with a CR system.*

Minimizing work steps and costs
Although a seemingly high investment, an FD system such as Ysio can significantly streamline overall workflow and reduce costs. Click on the image on the left to view the advantages that can be gained from going digital with an Ysio flat detector solution.

Mix features to match your needs
With its innovative design concept, Ysio lets you select from a set of system modules to tailor your solution, choosing only those you absolutely require – wether fully automated or fully synchronized, a single or dual detector solution, with a wall stand or a wi-D.

Tracking rejected images

With the recycle bin, rejected images can be easily tracked and verified to meet regulatory guidelines, or simply for departmental analyses.

Performance over the long term
Your investment in a new Ysio marks the beginning of an important relationship that will last many years. From installation planning to turnover, you enjoy the benefits of our highly competent project management team. Our world-class onsite applications training will help you achieve the full imaging and workflow potential of your new Ysio. E-learning gives you 24/7 access to useful tips and tricks for your new Ysio. Uptime is paramount and that‘s why Ysio supports state-of-the-art remote proactive service technologies such as the Guardian Program™, which can reduce unplanned downtime by up to 70%*

Fingertip convenience

Ysio incorporates several workflow-enhancing features, including more than 1000 preprogrammable system positions**, power-assisted servo movements and a unique table design with an innovative charging mechanism for the wi-D™.

Ysio can be configured to bypass room fixtures during its automated travel to the imaging position. Thus, Ysio is also a tailored solution in terms of space planning

MaxTouch workflow-conducive qualities
As an interactive, color touchscreen user interface, the MaxTouch of Ysio gives you easy access to key parameters during X-ray examinations.

  • Large color touchscreen with excellent display of patient data and key values
  • Highly visible and recognizable icons for fast system operation and status identification
  • Variable selection of examination order to suit user preference
  • Ability to change detector workplace based on patient’s condition
  • Easy access to comprehensive range of exposure values for adjustment
  • Precise measurements with brightly displayed SID (source-image distance) and magnification factor

Ergonomic table design

Built with convenience in mind, the table design of Ysio features:

  • Detector tray for the wi-D, offering improved flexibility and productivity
  • Maximum weight capacity of up to 300 kg (660 lbs.) for patients of practically all sizes
  • Low table height (lower than 52 cm/21”) for convenient patient positioning and easy whe

Centering button**
With more than 1000 different preset system positions**, Ysio saves you lots of preparation time and effort. Push this “magic button” on the table, and the tube is automatically centered to the table detector for the next examination.

Fully synchronized detector and tube tracking
With Ysio, automatic synchronized movements of the tube and detector are available. This makes for convenient workflow as the tube is centered to detector during table or wall detector adjustments.

Fully automated tube positioning
The fully automated Ysio delivers over 1000 automated tube positionings** based on users’ pre-defined tube position. This makes for faster tube positions and workflow with minimal physical effort.

Handheld control
Wall stand and table movements are fully automated – and performed directly at the detector with the conveniently located, handheld remote control.

Wireless remote control**
All key positioning functions of the fully automated Ysio can also be controlled from a distance with the help of the handy wireless remote control.

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* Results may vary. Data on file.
** Available only for fully automated Ysio