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Digital speed and flexibility
Highly flexible and versatile, the wireless mobile detector (wi-D™) of Ysio® lets you bring the imaging source right to the patient. Additionally, Ysio features the integrated flat detector. Extremely versatile, Ysio lets you conduct virtually every type of examination without the need for supporting imaging systems.

Streamlining your imaging with the wi-D

  • Fast image preview (within 5 sec), without the need to change or process cassettes
  • Quick and simple positioning for a wide variety of examinations
  • Extremely convenient and suitable for immobile patients in beds and wheelchairs
  • Easily supports horizontal beam examinations
  • Innovative wi-D charging mechanism in the table and wall stand detector trays
  • Automatically orients image correctly when used in table and wall stand
  • Always close at hand to support you with your daily workload

Excellent coverage
In terms of detector coverage, Ysio is more than adequately equipped with a:

  • Large, new-generation, flat detector (43 cm x 43 cm)
  • wi-D (35 cm x 43 cm) with one of the highest pixel count of any detector of its kind

Control console

  • Ysio is available with a high-resolution color monitor. It can also be combined with a black and white diagnostic monitor* for enhanced assessment capabilities.
  • It is an integrated work console that controls the entire radiographic workflow.

Instant high-resolution images
As a digital radiography solution, Ysio delivers high-resolution images within seconds of acquisition. In fact, images acquired with the wi-D can be previewed within 5 seconds.

Polished pictures
With DiamondView Plus, the detail resolution of your images is given a final polish, and overall image quality is optimized.

Advanced radiation protection

The comprehensive CARE radiation protection program of Ysio combines various advanced radiation protection functions designed to keep exposure levels as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

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