Multix Select DR

First time. First choice.

Multix Select DR
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First choice for every patient

  • From head to toe – 190 cm coverage
  • Offer the full spectrum of generalized and specialized exams – serving all your patients
  • Robust detector design at 35 x 43 cm and comprehensive weight capacity
  • Exchangeable grid for pediatric patients

First choice for every day

  • Automatic synchronization of tube and detector
  • Easy to operate – e.g. footswitch, exactly where you need it
  • Intuitive user interface – same as in our industry-leading radiography systems!
  • Just one click to select patient name and organ program
  • Speed setup and improve reproducibility with intelligent automation based on your individual requirements
  • Advanced quality management tools

First choice in every component

  • Seamless integration with existing departmental IT – e.g. with your RIS
  • Smooth and consistent data flow – from registration to documentation
  • Key components, e.g. tube and detector – known for outstanding reliability over many years
  • Tailored service solutions from a trustworthy partner to ensure high uptime and availability

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