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A more RADical way in fluoroscopy

Luminos Agile Max is a patient-side system that offers you advantages on more than one level.

It brings you MAX – combining the proactive support of MAX assistance and the highly comprehensive imaging technology of MAX detection.


Safer use – with a height-adjustable table

A height-adjustable table enables you to position and transfer the patient easily and safely. You can choose a comfortable working height and access the patient from all sides. This increase in agility frees you to interact with your patients.

MAX assistance is more than just ease of use.
It’s your intelligent personal assistant that proactively works for you, supports you and protects you – even in the most challenging situations. For the best image possible with your system every time. MAX assistance works with a height-adjustable table, high weight capacity, and barrier-free access from all sides.

The height-adjustable table is at the heart of Luminos Agile Max. Together with conveniently placed controls and easy positioning, it enables you to complete your tasks faster and safer. Due to its compact installation, the table makes efficient use of any radiography or fluoroscopy room.

For your entire range of patients
The spacious table design offers height adjustments even at the highest weight capacity of 275 kg / 606 lbs. And the widest patient opening at 60 cm / 24" easily accommodates larger and wheelchair-bound patients.

Easier patient transfer
The height-adjustable table with a range from 65 cm to 112 cm / 26'' to 44" allows for easy patient transfer and an ideal working height for each operator. With two pre-set transfer positions – horizontal and vertical – the system can easily be brought into a patient-friendly position with a single push of a button.

Perfect patient coverage
The broad radiation coverage and 8-way tabletop movement of both detector and tabletop enable coverage from head to toe with virtually no need to re-position the patient. This improves the clinical workflow and ensures patient comfort.

Easy one-handed control
The improved OPTI Grip handle enables even more ergonomic table-side operation for both left- and right-handed users. With the single-handed control of key functions and fully motorized tower movements, positioning the digital imaging tower has never been easier.

Table-side touchscreen control
Located within easy reach, the touch user interface provides instant access to all examination parameters. The intuitive touchscreen allows for quick selection of organ programs and exposure parameters. Comprehensive table-side controls are placed within easy reach.

Designed for excellent patient access
The space-saving open design of Luminos Agile Max enables easy access to patients from all sides. The barrier-free interaction improves safety and enables an enhanced examination experience.

Sharper imaging – with a MAX dynamic flat detector

The large 43 cm x 43 cm / 17'' x 17'' MAX dynamic flat detector delivers more patient coverage in both dynamic and static imaging. Unique Siemens CARE features such as CAREPOSITION1 ensure you get the right image at the right dose.

MAX detection is more than just detectors.

It’s about applying Intelligent Innovation at every step of the image formation. Enabling a unique Siemens way of providing a comprehensive imaging technology.

MAX detection – For the right image.
See things in a whole new way - with the first patient-side system featuring a high-coverage, flat detector for fluoroscopy and radiography: the MAX dynamic flat detector.
MAX your performance, MAX your image quality and MAX your efficiency.

MAX your performance
The large 43 cm x 43 cm / 17" x 17" flat detector delivers high-quality dynamic and static digital imaging and provides 116% more patient coverage than a 33 cm image intensifier.
The high heat-capacity tube is ideal for larger patients and longer procedures, allowing you to continue the exam and not have to wait for tube cooling.

MAX image quality
The MAX dynamic detector provides distortion-free images with up to 3.4 lp/mm that provide detailed patient information enhanced by unique DiamondView Plus.In fluoroscopy, Digital Density Optimization (DDO), Auto Shutter and Auto Window ensure improved contrast and more consistent image brightness across both live and static images, without loss of detail.

MAX efficiency
More patient coverage with the large flat detector means less tower movement – and better image quality lets you see what you need faster and easier. With the one-click registration, you get the optimal imaging parameters for your exam, which enables you to achieve the best image quality in the shortest amount of time possible with your system.

MAX Image Quality

Image quality is key to a quality examination. That is why Luminos Agile Max with MAX detection applies Intelligent Innovation at every step of the imaging process. It's Siemens' unique way of providing comprehensive imaging technology.

DiamondView Plus
DiamondView Plus improves image contrast and detail, for outstanding quality of radiographic images. It enhances bone detail and soft tissue contrast, without increasing the dose.

Digital Density Optimization (DDO)
DDO provides harmonization of high-contrast images while improving contrast, without loss of detail in very light or dark areas. This enables more information to be visible across the entire image, which is especially important for structures with wide density variations.

Auto Window and Auto Shutter
Auto Shutter enhances contrast in both live and static images with automatic and dynamic adjustment of the collimated border to black - while Auto Window ensures consistent live image brightness during patient or system movements, even in more difficult areas such as the chest.

syngo FLC
syngo FLC is your one-click system that manages your entire examination workflow - from registration to documentation. The intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface is common to all Siemens systems. So you can concentrate on the examination and the patient, not on the system.

Providing faster and easier ortho imaging, SmartOrtho features an automated tilting technique for long leg and full spine imaging. It acquires up to four images on the table or Bucky wall stand1 to cover the selected region, automatically determines the number of exposures required, and composes them to a single image on the syngo FLC or on a separate workstation1.

Quality management
The integrated quality management system with Luminos Agile Max offers a Clinical Assurance Program (CAP) with reject analysis, Exposure Index (EXI) and Deviation Index (DI) Monitoring, and DICOM Dose Reporting. So you have a full overview of dose and image quality – enabling you to monitor system performance and determine staff training needs. Sent via DICOM to PACS and to RIS by MPPS, patient dose documentation is automatic and complete, and flexible according to your needs.

Stronger synergies – with MAX dual use in radiography and fluoroscopy

With the Ysio Max option, you have MAX dual use. This gives you the opportunity to maximize room use and exam mix in both radiography and fluoroscopy. With MAXswap1 you can maximize the utilization of your MAX wi-D1 and MAX mini1 detectors.

With the Ysio Max option, Luminos Agile Max offers more than just radiography functions in a fluoroscopy room. The ceiling-mounted tube1 with the MAXtouch display, the table and wall stand Bucky with tracking, the MAX wi-D1 and MAX mini1 detectors and height-adjustable table enable the same high throughput workflow as on an Ysio Max system. So you can optimize room use with the exam mix you have – today and in the future.

MAXalign – Get it right with the first shot
MAXalign displays the detector angle of the MAX wi-D1 and MAX mini1 directly on the MAXtouch. This eliminates the need to guess the detector angle and delivers enhanced image quality and consistency. Get it right with the first shot and save valuable time while protecting your patients from repeat exposures with free exams.

MAXtouch – Maximized comfort at your fingertips
The intuitive MAXtouch color touchscreen provides all the information you need for each patient and exam situation. You can change all image parameters and uniquely adjust the examination order, directly on MAXtouch while you remain with the patient.

MAX wi-D1 – Lighter. Thinner. Faster.
Providing flexibility in use for table, Bucky wall stand and free examinations, this 35 cm x 43 cm / 14" x 17" wireless detector is only 3 kg / 6.6 lbs light and 19 mm / 0.7" thin. It features a handle for safer transport and innovative automatic charging when it's in the table or wall stand tray.

MAX mini1 – The right size
Get the image you need easier with MAX mini. This 24 cm x 30 cm / 10" x 12" small wireless detector weighs just 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs. It's just the right size for those more difficult-to-position exams such as orthopedic, pediatric, and trauma.

MAXswap1 – The right way to share
Effortlessly swap a pool of MAX wi-D1 and MAX mini1 detectors between Ysio Max, Luminos Agile Max, and Luminos dRF Max – and add more detectors as your needs grow or change. The quick and easy one-click registration contains safeguards so you can be sure that the right detector is in the right place at the right time.

The right dose

The comprehensive CARE dose reduction program decreases radiation exposure for patients and staff, without compromising image quality.

The MAX dynamic flat detector, with a state-of-the-art Cesium Iodide scintillator, gives you the choice of low-dose DFR or full-resolution RAD images.


CAREFILTER – Automatic copper filters to reduce skin dose

CAREMATIC – Automatic exposure parameters

CAREMAX2 – Dose-area measurement and monitoring

CAREVISION – Pulsed fluoroscopy with 30, 15, 10, 7.5, and 3 p/s

FluoroLoop1 – Retrospective storage and review of fluoroscopy sequences

CAREPROFILE1 – Radiation-free collimation using Last Image Hold (LIH) for orientation

CAREPOSITION1 – Radiation-free patient repositioning using a virtual field display on the LIH

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2Optional for the Ysio Max option and standard on the Agile Max fluoro table