Multix Fusion

Fits your needs. Fits your budget.

Multix Fusion
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Fits your budget.

Multix Fusion* fits your budget. Just choose the variant that best suits your clinical requirements and investment budget. And benefit from low running costs throughout the entire life cycle – thanks to smart room utilization, low downtimes, and reduced training costs.

At the same time you can increase revenues. High throughput thanks to fast exams and high uptime, a positive reputation, and increased marketability is just one key factor. Multix Fusion also gives you investment security – with many options for upgrading and improving your system.

Compared to what you invest you get a great deal more.

Get the variant you need

  • Flexible system concept
  • Analog and digital variants available
  • Upgrade path from analog to digital with the Multix DR-Upgrade* – whenever you prefer


Multix Fusion fits virtually all existing X-ray rooms

  • Amazingly small footprint
  • Easy and time efficient installation


Designed for low TCO

  • Quality components made by Siemens
  • Proven key components from one of the industry-leading X-ray system – Ysio®
  • Long lifetime – low running costs

Increased training efficiency

  • Consistent system concept and intuitive to use
  • Rich synergies with other Siemens modalities
  • Increased staff efficiency – time optimized training, ergonomic system design, potentially fewer absences
  • Efficient know-how building – with Remote Trainer and Remote Assist

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