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Multix Fusion
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Fits your needs.

Multix Fusion* fits your needs. High-end components such as table, tube, bucky wall stand, imaging software and detector make a difference in productivity, patient-friendliness, and dose reduction.

Multix Fusion is comfortable to maneuver, so you can easily position your patients – or even better, just take the flat detector to where your patients are.

A true Siemens solution, Multix Fusion provides excellent image quality, further improved by advanced post-processing tools.

Multix Fusion. Fits your needs.

Excellent image quality for routine radiology

  • One detector – virtually unlimited positioning flexibility
  • Almost all routine applications covered
  • From head to toe and from left to right
  • Outstanding contrast with on-board post-processing tool DiamondView Plus
  • Automated image processing parameter settings based on organ programs

Easy-to-position tube

  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Impressive 180 cm / 71'' vertical movement – down to your patients feet
  • Robust and resilient ceiling stand
  • Tube automatically follows detector in table or bucky wall stand

Color touch display

  • Where you need it – set key image parameters like kV or mAs right at the tube
  • Intuitive handling – color bars give easy to see from anywhere

All-in-one table

  • Free-floating, and height-adjustable table
  • Low table height of 52 cm / 21''
  • High patient weight capacity of 300 kg / 660 lbs
  • 190 cm / 75'' coverage without need for repositioning

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