Multix DR-Upgrade

Digitize Radiography.

Multix DR-Upgrade
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Maximize image quality

  • Excellent image quality with a CsI detector for significantly lower patient dose compared to CR cassettes and detectors based on GOS
  • Organ-specific image processing with DiamondView Plus for finest bone and soft tissue visualization, sharper contrast
  • Intelligent automation, e.g. automated collimation ensures highest image quality with enhanced dose control

Optimize Workflow

  • Reduce your image turnaround time from 90 to 9 seconds and see immediately if the image was taken successfully
  • Robust detector with weight capacity of up to 150 kg (recumbent patients) / (100 kg standing patients) for free exposures
  • No additional steps like opening and closing the detector tray between exposures compared to other vendors’ offerings
  • Intuitive user interface with centralized data management – easy to learn, fast handling

Realize Confidence

  • Enhance your existing system with innovative technology from Siemens’ top-of-the-line X-ray products based on high-tech engineering
  • Tailored service solutions to ensure a high uptime and availability – One solution from one partner
  • Affordable solution to gain the latest technological improvement

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