Siemens Improves the MRI Experience for Veterans with PTSD

Dec 15, 2015

A standard MRI procedure generates a loud sound with significant mechanical vibrations, similar to a jackhammer, which can be an uncomfortable experience for patients. The exam can be traumatizing, especially for veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), brain injuries, or sensitivity to loud noises. The noise of the MRI can make it difficult for veterans to remain still, which alters image quality. In some cases, veterans simply avoid the procedure altogether.


Siemens Revolutionizes MRI Experience

Siemens’ Quiet Suite has made significant improvements in MRI procedures for patients nationwide, providing an exam with only a minimal amount of noise. With Quiet Suite, Siemens has addressed the issue, decreasing the sound level during an MRI procedure. To accomplish this, the system generates a reduction in acoustic noise with smooth sounds, providing a comfortable exam, which can reduce anxiety and improve the overall experience.


Providing Better Support

The Quiet Suite system enables comfortable exams for service members, veterans and their families and delivers benefit for healthcare providers. The system may enable higher levels of clinical confidence in MRI imaging, limit the number of repeat exams, and support patients - that are so disturbed by the standard MRI that they opt for the alternative CT exam instead - with a comfortable MRI experience that limits the amount of unnecessary dose exposure. Quiet Suite also doesn’t compromise imaging quality or efficiency.

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