Siemens Healthcare Settles Copyright, Trade Secret Litigation against Conquest Imaging

Jun 20, 2013

Plaintiff Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., the manufacturer of ACUSON™ ultrasound systems and the leading expert in servicing these systems, recently resolved its copyright and trade secret lawsuit against defendant Conquest Imaging. The lawsuit related to the circumvention of security measures for protecting Siemens’ proprietary and copyrighted diagnostic software used to service and maintain ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound systems. Conquest Imaging agreed to enter into a permanent injunction which prohibits it from improperly accessing Siemens’ proprietary diagnostic software. The monetary terms of the settlement are confidential.


As evidenced by the injunction, Siemens takes its intellectual property rights very seriously and believes in preventing improper access to its proprietary diagnostic software for its ultrasound systems.


The permanent injunction states that The Conrad Corporation doing business as Conquest Imaging, and those acting in concert or participation with them, are permanently enjoined from engaging in the following conduct:

a. Accessing, using, or copying, or assisting in the accessing, using, or copying of any of Siemens’s proprietary software for any ACUSON Sequoia system, including the diagnostic or proprietary software;

b. Utilizing or assisting in the utilization of an expired user ID or password to access, use or copy diagnostic or proprietary software;

c. Utilizing or assisting in the utilizing of any method to modify the date on any ACUSON Sequoia system internal clock

d. Loading or reloading, or assisting in the loading or reloading of the diagnostic or proprietary software on any ACUSON Sequoia system;

e. Purchasing, possessing, making, utilizing, or assisting in the purchasing, possessing, making, or utilizing of any method or device to circumvent the user ID or password protections for the diagnostic or proprietary software;

f. Circumventing, or assisting others in circumventing any security protections for the diagnostic or proprietary software.


This permanent Injunction does not apply if third-party service providers or their customers have a valid license to Siemens’ diagnostic or proprietary software for any ACUSON Sequoia system.


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