Siemens Offers Hematologists New Semi-Automated Solution for Slide Staining

Apr 24, 2014

Siemens Healthcare has launched the Hematek 3000 System to provide semi-automated slide staining to laboratories of all sizes that need a robust system capable of staining up to 60 slides per hour. The latest offering in the Hematek product portfolio, and specifically designed for hematology, the Hematek 3000 System can be used by lower volume labs as a primary slide staining solution or as a backup to fully automated slide preparation protocols in larger laboratories.


The system’s continuous-feed loading platform eliminates wasted time associated with batch staining methods. Also, individual, consistent slide staining optimizes quality and enables standardization to help ensure accurate identification of white blood cells, red blood cell morphology and platelet assessment. Slides are immediately available for viewing upon completion of staining, and the Hematek rinse reagent contains the optimal alcohol concentration for proper slide drying, so results are delivered as quickly as possible.


“The Siemens hematology slide staining and review systems offer a systematic, end-to-end approach designed to adapt to our customers’ specific testing needs,” said Stefan Wolf, CEO, Hemostasis, Hematology and Specialty Business Unit, Diagnostics Division, Siemens Healthcare. “The Hematek 3000 System delivers clinical excellence across the volume spectrum in slide staining by offering user-defined features and precision controls that enable laboratories to maximize productivity and deliver quality results.”


The Hematek 3000 System also offers features that support easy and environmentally friendly operations. The system’s “all-in-one” stain pack includes enough stain for up to 900 slides and offers easy load-and-go operation for optimized daily workflow and minimal hands-on time. A simple pump release mechanism streamlines maintenance, which helps maximize uptime, and system warnings alert users of low stain-level and full waste bin to help ensure uninterrupted, quality results. The Hematek 3000 is also RoHs-compliant, which guarantees the system incorporates environmentally friendly, sustainable substances and supports “green” initiatives.



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