Siemens Introduces Portable ACUSON P300 Ultrasound System

Jul 16, 2012

New offering provides high performance and reliability in the compact portable ultrasound market


Siemens Healthcare expands its ultrasound portfolio with the ACUSON P300™ ultrasound system – a portable device designed for a wide variety of clinical settings. Integrating high-performance hardware and software, the ACUSON P300 system offers 13 multi-frequency transducers for high clinical versatility. The system also features advanced image optimization technologies to support both routine and specialty application needs. Characterized by its comprehensive capabilities as well as its compact and elegant design, the ACUSON P300 system demonstrates Siemens’ competitiveness – a goal of the Healthcare Sector’s Agenda 2013 two-year global initiative.


“The ACUSON P300 system is ideal when a physician needs to obtain a fast diagnosis under difficult conditions – for instance, where space is limited or a mobile solution is needed,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bundy, CEO for Ultrasound at Siemens Healthcare. “The excellent image quality and broad spectrum of applications of our new portable unit are intended to meet the expectations of today's healthcare environments in mobile ultrasound systems."


The portable ACUSON P300 ultrasound system meets diverse imaging needs for a wide spectrum of clinical disciplines – from general imaging to cardiovascular imaging, from obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) to specialty imaging, including breast and small parts. With its 18 MHz high-frequency imaging capability, the ACUSON P300 system is also an excellent choice for endocrinology and musculoskeletal as well as vein and breast applications. It encompasses advanced ultrasound technology and excellent imaging performance in one portable package, enabling comprehensive patient care everywhere and anytime.


The ACUSON P300 system includes advanced image optimization tools such as panoramic imaging, speckle reduction and spatial compounding, which optimize the imaging data automatically, thus improving diagnostic confidence and supporting efficient clinical workflow. The system comes with 13 transducers, including specialty laparoscopic and intra-operative probes for interventional procedures. With a frequency range of up to 18 MHz, these multi-frequency transducers allow a selection of several imaging frequencies to meet different scan depth requirements without having to change transducers. The system enables linear, convex, phased array and endocavity transducers to provide scanning solutions for a wide range of clinical cases.


Thanks to its small footprint, the ACUSON P300 system is easy to store and move from room to room. It has a 15-inch XVGA LCD display, integrated power supply and two transducer ports for maximum ease of use.



Launched recently by Siemens Healthcare Sector, Agenda 2013 is a two-year global initiative to further strengthen the Healthcare Sector’s innovative power and competitiveness. Specific measures will be implemented in four fields of action: Innovation, Competitiveness, Regional Footprint, and People Development.


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