Siemens Launches New Solutions to Address Automated Urine Testing Needs

Mar 05, 2015

The Diagnostics Division of Siemens Healthcare announces today the availability of two new advanced urine testing solutions for U.S. central laboratories—the CLINITEK Novus Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer and the CLINITEK AUWi PRO Automated Urine Workstation.


Recently FDA-cleared and available globally, the CLINITEK Novus Analyzer delivers improved performance using proven dry-pad urine chemistry technology along with an easy-to-use urinalysis strip cassette test format to help laboratories produce reliable, trusted test results while maximizing productivity. The CLINITEK AUWi PRO System, also available in Puerto Rico and Canada, combines the CLINITEK Novus Analyzer with the Sysmex UF-1000i Urine Cell Analyzer, enabling reliable, integrated urine chemistry and sediment testing on a single platform for true walkaway capability.


Urinalysis plays a key role in the central lab setting as a non-invasive, cost effective method for detecting such conditions as early kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and liver dysfunction. Due to increasing urinalysis testing volumes, central and reference laboratories are looking to automate and maximize productivity of their urine testing processes, including options to integrate urine chemistry and sediment testing for even greater workflow efficiency.


“With the growing demands in urine testing, customers need easy-to-operate instruments that can manage a broad spectrum of tests and produce reliable results, while handling peak times effortlessly,” said David Stein, PhD, CEO, Point of Care Business Unit, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “Our latest solutions build upon Siemens’ proven track record in urinalysis testing to meet these strict benchmarks. We are able to provide our customers with broad clinical insight into their patients’ health while enhancing their productivity and streamlining workflow.”


Since urinalysis samples come from a variety of collection sites (nursing homes, outpatient clinics, emergency departments) at all times of the day and night, laboratories need a simple solution, like the CLINITEK Novus Analyzer, to manage high volumes while delivering consistent, reliable results. As a standalone system with a full range of tests, the CLINITEK Novus Analyzer builds on the foundation created by the CLINITEK Atlas analyzer. The CLINITEK Novus Analyzer simplifies routine analysis and features a new digital imaging measurement system to improve results accuracy. Also, automatic entry of cassette lot numbers and expiration dates, as well as new design elements, such as a tiltable color-touch screen, intuitive user interface, and customizable menu options, enhance ease of use.


For labs seeking to further automate their urine testing workflow, there’s the CLINITEK AUWi PRO System, facilitating automatic sample transport between the CLINITEK Novus workstation and Sysmex UF-1000i – a urine sediment analyzer featuring two reaction chambers for improved sensitivity to bacteria and more accurate sediment classification. By enabling one-touch urinalysis testing and minimizing manual processes, the CLINITEK AUWi PRO System allows labs to work more efficiently. Plus, with automatic verified results reported directly to the laboratory information system (LIS), the need for technician follow-up is minimized.


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