Siemens Enables Comfortable X-Ray Imaging for Veterans with Disabilities

Jan 18, 2016

Complex Medical Challenges

Veterans and injured Service members suffer from injuries and illnesses that drastically limit mobility. Additionally, aging veterans often have to rely upon mobility devices, such as wheelchairs and scooters to stay engaged at home and active in their communities. With these complex medical needs, caring for the Veteran population can be challenging for imaging technologists.


Enabling Comfortable Care and Imaging Efficiency

With Siemens MAX family of radiography and fluoroscopy x-ray imaging systems, technologists have access to products with multiple advances that can provide significant workflow and productivity improvements to enhance Veterans’ or injured servicemen’s comfort, increase patient safety and workflow efficiency. For example, low table heights makes patient transfer easier for the technologist and safer for the patient. And allowing patients to remain comfortably seated in wheelchairs during imaging can shorten the overall procedure time.

Taking X-ray imaging for Veterans to the MAX

The MAX family products feature:

  • MAX assistance - which protects patients and staff by providing fast and easy access to the safest transfer position no matter the size, age, or mobility of the patient.
  • MAX align - which eliminates the need to guess the tube angle to make positioning for free exams, e.g. directly in a wheel chair, easier for the inexperienced technologist.
  • MAX detection - which provides comprehensive imaging with features such as light wireless detectors for easier handling, and the right size table detector for exams in orthopedics, pediatrics, trauma, and more.

Our service members and Veterans have given so much to our Nation, and as medical patients they deserve special care and compassion. With the Siemens MAX family medical technologists in the federal healthcare system can take x-ray imaging and patient comfort to the MAX.


Further Information

MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

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