ADVIA Centaur XPT by Siemens Healthineers Offers Laboratories a Comprehensive Menu for Infectious Disease Testing

Apr 21, 2017

· On the heels of a CDC report announcing STD levels are at an unprecedented high, the ADVIA Centaur XPT now offers a comprehensive menu for consolidated ID testing

· Automated repeat and confirmatory testing of reactive samples through SMART algorithm software and Hot Zone capabilities reduce the need for additional testing

· The system seamlessly integrates into laboratory diagnostics operations with ready-to-use reagents used across all ADVIA Centaur systems


Siemens Healthineers announced today that its newest addition to the ADVIA Centaur® portfolio—the ADVIA Centaur® XPT Immunoassay System—now offers a comprehensive infectious disease testing menu for laboratory diagnostics, which enables lab managers to consolidate infectious disease testing on a single platform. Sexually transmitted diseases are at unprecedented levels in the U.S., according to a recent surveillance report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 The ADVIA Centaur XPT system offers laboratories a comprehensive infectious disease menu, with tests for HIV (including the ADVIA Centaur HIV Ag/Ab Combo assay to detect both the HIV antigen and antibodies); syphilis; Hepatitis A, B and C (including HBsAgII); and other infectious diseases.


Designed for hospitals and reference laboratories that demand high throughput, the system can process up to 240 tests per hour and offers laboratories a portfolio of more than 70 assays. The ADVIA Centaur XPT system helps minimize hands-on operator time with automated maintenance and consolidates infectious disease testing otherwise conducted on multiple instruments for improved efficiency and better turnaround time. Further, with assay features such as “Hot Zone” integration2 to reduce the need for additional testing and system software features such as SMART algorithm to automate reflex testing, clinicians are able to receive infectious disease results sooner while the lab achieves greater efficiency by reducing repeat testing.


With products and solutions such as the ADVIA Centaur XPT, as well as a new name that underlines the company’s pioneering spirit and engineering expertise, Siemens Healthineers—the separately managed healthcare business of Siemens AG—is helping to enable healthcare providers worldwide to meet current challenges and excel in their respective environments.



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2The feature listed here is specific to the HBsAgII assay.