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Patient-Centered Cardiovascular Care

Responding to the U.S. healthcare reform, Lankenau Medical Center introduced a new concept of cardiovascular care. Equipped with the latest technology, the center achieved new standards of quality care, patient satisfaction, and cost efficiency.

Healthcare Dives into Big Data

We are focusing on a major trend that will influence the way healthcare will be delivered around the world in the upcoming years: Big Data. See how it will transform approaches in healthcare that have long defined the industry.

Improving Operational Efficiency While Staying in Budget

With a customized financing solution for its equipment upgrade, U.S.-based Princeton Radiology is now able to stay competitive in its region and at the same time pursue a long-term strategy that fits the organization’s budget plans.

Transformation through Partnership

In 2004, Rush University Medical Center decided to bring its facilities into the 21st century. The strong partnership with Siemens played a key role in the success of this transformation.

Twenty Percent More Patients

Combining CT and angiography modalities has extended the range of treatment options at Iowa Methodist Medical Center

Technology and Teamwork Take CVIS Up a Notch

Discover the recipe to thrive in the new world of accountable care from the clinical and IT team at North Kansas City Hospital.

Emergency Diagnostics in Tornado Alley

During a 3-day span of tornado storms, the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, USA, passed a one-of-a-kind stress test: Providing optimal emergency care and quick diagnoses to the youngest patients affected by the storms.

Complying with the Affordable Care Act

Healthcare reform in the U.S. is forcing hospitals to reassess their protocols and engineer their clinical workflow processes differently than before. Floyd Medical Center in rural Georgia seems well equipped for this challenge.

Inching Closer to a Future Without Multiple Sclerosis

In New York, Dr. Saud A. Sadiq and his team work round the clock to find first the cause of and, then, hopefully a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). A renowned expert in treating MS, Dr. Sadiq explains how MRI technology improved the way he practices.

IT Helps Smooth Transitions of Care

Care transitions often result in additional work for both the patient and the healthcare providers concerned. Penny Frownfelter, director of nursing at a U.S.-based hospital, explains how she and her team leveraged streamlined documentation and embedded workflow technology to improve care coordination when transferring patients.

When Health IT is the Patient

In today’s fast-changing medical landscape, doctors, nurses, and staff need to know how to interact with information technology. At Mountain States Health Alliance, a framework for implementing healthcare IT spurred large-scale, fast-cycle process improvement and culture change in a very brief period of time.

The Pleasure of a Portal

Managing the performance and maintenance of Siemens medical scanners is easier than ever, thanks to a one-stop online shop: LifeNet.

IT to Connect a Community

Inspira, a healthcare network in southern New Jersey, USA, and a new force in healthcare for the region, sees healthcare IT as a key component in bringing the community together in delivering higher-quality care more effectively.

Innovator in Interventional Oncology

Dr. Michael J. Wallace is considered to be an innovative interventional radiologist. He believes that using the latest imaging techniques positively impacts the survival rates for patients with certain types of liver cancer at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

New Workflows Transform Patient Care and Support Safety Initiatives

University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center in Ohio has received numerous awards for its quality of care and operational efficiency. Siemens Healthcare IT is helping the Center support improved care delivery and team collaboration.

A Ferrari in the Lab

The Santa Casa Hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is one of South America’s leading hospitals. Lab director Dr. Carlos Franco Voegeli uses innovative technology to increase significantly the lab’s speed, performance, and precision.

New Medical Solutions Available for Tablets

The latest edition of Medical Solutions – the Siemens Healthcare customer magazine – is now available in print and digitally for tablets. Decide for yourself when and how you want to read our articles reporting on current healthcare trends in India.

Teaming Up for More Efficiency in Cardiac Procedures

By bringing together cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists for the planning of cardiac procedures, Professor Hu Shengshou and his team at Fu Wai Hospital, Beijing, China, can increase the efficiency of cardiac treatments, particularly in pediatrics.

Healthcare IT Supports Value-Based Purchasing

In the small town of Visalia in California, the Kaweah Delta Medical Center found a way to use IT to support its efforts to improve its financial, clinical, and patient outcomes.

An Essential Trend in the Future of Surgery

Despite an almost 30-year history in China, minimally-invasive interventional radiology is still underused in the country's eastern province of Henan. Professor Han Xinwei, MD, believes the majority of diseases should be diagnosed and treated using such technologies: A major trend for the future of Chinese surgery.

G8 Summit Puts Dementia Crisis on World Stage

The G8 dementia summit convened in London on Dec 11, 2013 put dementia on the global stage next to other major killers such as cancer, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS. The statistics are alarming.

Healthcare in India: Trends and Insights

Medical Solutions travelled the length and breadth of India to talk to the country’s healthcare leaders. How do they meet the challenges facing their country? What is their vision for the future of healthcare in India? Their strategies: Bold healthcare business models that other countries can even adapt.

“India Can Be the Healthcare Provider to the World”

Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman of Narayana Health, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is on a mission to expand the reach of world-class healthcare facilities to the poorest in India. And he’s convinced his model can not only change the future of healthcare in India, but also be replicated the world over.

A Trailblazer in Orthopedics

Dr. S. Rajasekaran of Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, used simple radiological tools for research to transform international methodologies in orthopedics.

A Haven for the Poor

By charging less than half the market rate, Surat Manav Seva Sangh is making high-end magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans affordable for the masses. Economically weak patients even have their scans done for free.

An Indian Hospital on the Fast Track

PSG Hospitals, a medical college and hospital in Coimbatore, India, turned around its radiology department while at the same time investing heavily in digital radiology equipment, making it likely the most updated hospital in the region.

Faster Diagnosis for More Patients

Babina Diagnostics in India's turbulent and relatively inaccessible northeastern region has invested in laboratory automation to provide quality healthcare at affordable rates.

Making Healthcare More Affordable and Accessible in India

Read an interview with renowned Indian heart surgeon Dr. Naresh Trehan on his business strategies.

Pioneering Healthcare in Brazil

With more than 200 million exams per year, DASA in Brazil is the largest diagnostics company in Latin America. DASA Chairman Dr. Romeu Domingues explains why it is crucial to invest in innovation, in new technologies, and in being a pioneer in healthcare.

Additions that Count

If buying a new magnetic resonance system is out of the question, adding advanced knee coils can improve workflows significantly. By purchasing two 15-channel knee coils, William Osler Health System in Ontario, Canada, increased patient throughput by a third.

Advanced CT Scanner Improves Care in Remote India

As one of the first hospitals in the region, the SKS Hospital in Salem, India, provides access to high-quality CT scans. Watch Dr. Vijay Sadasivam explain why both physicians and patients benefit from this advanced CT technology.

King of Volumes

From its centralized laboratory in suburban Mumbai, India, Thyrocare Technologies processes 100,000 diagnostic tests each night – more than in any other comparable lab worldwide. This is made possible by one man’s vision. Our documentary film shows how it works.

“If I Really Want to Help People, I Have to Invest More”

The general director of the Tonus group of private clinics, Olga Mikhalyova, MD, has clear objectives in setting new standards in the Russian Healthcare business. Medical Solutions asked her to explain more.

A Drive for Prostate Cancer Research

Early detection of metastatic disease from prostate cancer in the lymph nodes can save lives. Stephen M. Bravo, MD, and his team at Sand Lake Imaging, USA, hopes to help cure prostate cancer – or at least take it from an acute and life-threatening condition to a chronic, but manageable disease.

Non-Stop Traffic in the Hospital Lab

Two years ago, Hans Günter Wahl systematically switched to automated diagnostics in his Lüdenscheid, Germany, medical laboratory with the goal of improving productivity without sacrificing quality. Medical Solutions made a short documentary film about what effects this had on day-to-day work and further development.

Scanning like Clockwork in South India

The KGS Scan Centre in the South Indian city of Madurai performs over 100 MRI scans per day at its two sites. Patients come here from 50 neighboring communities. Behind this achievement is its owner’s focus on imaging quality and his innovative workflow strategies.

New Treatment Platform for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

As more and more people live longer, more patients are likely to suffer from heart failure. With MediGuide Technology, physicians can navigate devices through a diseased heart by means of magnetic tracking. Continuous fluoroscopy of the patient is no longer necessary. So, considerable radiation is saved – without compromising on the outcome.

How to Improve Acute Stroke Care

Finland is the world’s leading nation in acute stroke care and Professor Markku Kaste of Helsinki University Hospital is the maestro behind this unique success story. In a video, he explains how optimal stroke workflows decrease not only door-to-needle time but also mortality, and thereby improve the patients’ quality of life.

Covering the Need for Healthcare

Ten years ago, Dr. Arkady Stolpner founded his first diagnostic center with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Today, Stolpner's 77 diagnostic centers account for 20 percent of all MRI exams made in Russia per year.

A Voice for Europe’s Arrhythmia Patients

The European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) – a branch of the European Society of Cardiology – advocates infrastructure improvements and education through government policy. Professor Angelo Auricchio was, until recently, the Association’s president. He took time out to talk to Medical Solutions Online about EHRA's work.

MRI System Upgrade: A Breakthrough for Patients and Staff

Jan Yperman Hospital in Belgium chose to keep pace with innovation, first by upgrading the hospital’s Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony system, and later by choosing a new top-of-the-line MAGNETOM Aera. The resulting enhancement to MRI capabilities benefits hospital management, staff, and patients alike.

A New Standard in Low-dose Mammography

Radiation dose is a concern when it comes to screening healthy women. To find ways of reducing it further, a customer teamed up with Siemens Healthcare. Their goal was to produce images of equally high quality with less radiation. The result is the MAMMOMAT Inspiration PRIME Edition.

The Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Smaller community hospitals generally do not have the personnel or the resources of their larger counterparts. So, implementing system-wide electronic health record technology can pose some hurdles in the process. Yet, with the help of Siemens, Arkansas Heart Hospital launched its Soarian health information system in record time.

Finding Answers with Amyloid Imaging

Amyloid imaging provides physicians with a new tool for the evaluation of Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of cognitive decline. For a professor in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, searching for the cause of her memory loss, amyloid imaging provided answers and changed her physician’s treatment plan.

Surgery and Medical Imaging Working Together

Imaging is becoming vastly more important to orthopedic and trauma surgery: a trend, that changes the educational requirements in this broad medical field. Impressions from the AO Davos Courses 2012.

The Future of Patient-Centered Care

Top-level executives from Virtua explain their innovative patient-centric model of care delivery at their state-of-the-art hospital.

Healthcare IT in Cardiology

Saiseikai Utsunomiya hospital in Japan needs to provide every patient with consistently high-quality healthcare. With the combination of syngo.plaza and syngo.via, Siemens offers a means of diagnosing even the most complicated cardiovascular problems – with minimal staff.

Remote Monitoring of Pacemaker contributes to Quality of Life

Can somebody fitted with a pacemaker be as safe in his own home as he would be in a hospital? Wirelessly transferred information and Internet connect patients with their doctors in northern Sweden’s Gävleborg region.

Cardiac Care in Remote Areas

The Russian region of Yaroslavl is investing over 150 million euros in modernizing its healthcare system. One major focus in this initiative is the area’s provincial hospitals, where outdated medical equipment is being replaced. Initial successes are already visible: Mortality from cardiovascular disease has declined by nine percent.

New Medical Solutions magazine out now!

The latest edition of Siemens Healthcare’s customer magazine Medical Solutions is now available. The new issue focuses on how to increase efficiency and value in healthcare.

Measuring Outcomes in Healthcare: “The data does not lie”

Hoag Orthopedic Institute is one example of how to measure health outcomes and to implement resulting findings in clinical practice. As an integrated care unit, the Institute specializes in orthopedics and is able to control the clinical quality along the care processes of this specific disease state.

Patient-Reported Outcomes: “We Need to Look into the Details”

Dr. Jens Deerberg-Wittram is convinced that healthcare systems can raise their value by constantly measuring clinical outcomes that matter to patients. As president of the International Consortium for Outcome Measurements, he is pushing his conviction in the healthcare world.

Immediate Imaging Insights

How reviewing images from different modalities helps improve diagnosis and patient care.

Greater Efficiency, Improved Workflows

In recent years, the Department of Radiology at Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, has made the transition to digital radiography (DR). In October 2012, it acquired its third Ysio system. Technicians and doctors alike are extremely satisfied.

Aptio: An Efficiency Revolution

Siemens is helping a Scottish hospital’s blood sciences laboratory meet the twin challenges of increasing demand and ever-tighter budgets. As the first hospital in northern Europe to adopt Aptio Automation, Ninewells hospital in Dundee is already reaping the rewards of being at the cutting edge.

Improving Quality during Surgery

Today, intraoperative 3D imaging must be considered a standard requirement in certain surgical procedures, for example on the spine, both for safety and high-quality outcomes. Surgical procedures can be made less invasive and the quality increased. This is the firm opinion of Chief Physician Professor Rudolf Beisse, MD.

Searching Brain Pathways for Clues on Autism

Years of research are beginning to pay off at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where scientists are unlocking the secrets of a global autism epidemic. The hospital uses MRI techniques to reveal connections in the brain’s wiring.

How to Create Useful Knowledge from Pure Data

A research project entitled THESEUS MEDICO illustrates how semantic technologies can be applied to medicine. The prototype software can automatically analyze imaging datasets and provide detailed links between radiological reports and images.

Decoding Genetic Risk Markers

March 6, 2013
Chronic inflammatory bowel disease is on the rise in industrialized countries. At the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology in Kiel, Germany, physicians and scientists are working hand in hand to identify the impact of genetic variants on pathology through next-generation sequencing.

Healing Hearts in the Urals

February 27, 2013

Six-year-old Kirill is lucky to have had successful heart surgery at a new Cardiology Center in remote Russia, not far away from his home.


Making Sense of Genetics

January 29, 2013

Cardiologists from Heidelberg University collaborate with Siemens to develop software for data analytics. Their goal: to establish next-generation genetic sequencing of patients with myocardial disease for personalized therapies and improved outcomes.


Where is the “Next” in Next-Generation Healthcare?

December 21, 2012
If anyone is a futurist about where next-generation healthcare is heading, it is Dennis A. Ausiello, MD. An eminent clinician, groundbreaking research scientist, and trainer of hundreds of physician-scientists, Ausiello sees profound changes ahead in medicine.


Watch and listen to Dr. Ausiello’s thoughts.

Tracking an Elusive Thief

December 7, 2012
A new era is dawning in the evaluation of Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to a hallmark imaging solution pioneered with the help of Siemens and a slate of dedicated researchers.

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Where the Heart Is

December 7, 2012 | Angiography
Kumbo, a town in rural northwestern Cameroon, is home to the only cardiac clinic in Central Africa. Ten hours away from the capital, patients get the same attention as they would in Europe. The hospital’s flagship: a state-of-the-art catheterization laboratory from Siemens.


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Stories from Cambodia

December 7, 2012
Siemens donated two ACUSON X150 ultrasound systems to the organization “Doctors of the World” which helped treat twelve-year-old patient Sophy Chhoeum in Cambodia.


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Pediatric Hospital Delivers Hope

December 7, 2012 | Cardiology
Armed with an ACUSON Cypress cardiovascular system, doctors from the Fundación Cardioinfantil clinic in Bogota take their diagnostic and clinical expertise into the most remote, impoverished areas of Colombia to offer help to families who would otherwise have no access to advanced medical care for their ailing children.
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A Vision Becomes Reality

December 7, 2012 l Imaging IT, Ultrasound, Cardiology
At Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, a simple video-conferencing system revolutionized the way pediatric cardiology is practiced throughout Sweden.

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“We Need to Reconsider Medicine.”

December 7, 2012 | Cardiology
Returning to China in 1999, after a decade of cardiovascular research at two German university hospitals, Professor Junbo Ge turned his research into practice by helping to establish modern cardiology in a vast country that is experiencing rapid social change.


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Leveraging technology

December 7, 2012 l Imaging IT
High-tech equipment and syngo imaging IT solutions from Siemens help Medanta in Delhi, India, offer effective and accessible healthcare.

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