Heartbeat – September 2013

Second issue

Siemens Healthcare |  Aug 30, 2013

The cover story of our second issue highlights electrophysiology (EP): it discusses the role of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), the growth of EP and the treatment of arrhythmic patients in Europe. Learn how Leipzig Heart Center uses the MediGuide™ Technology to significantly reduce radiation exposure for both patients and examiners in CRT implantation. Explore the benefits of remote monitoring of pacemaker patients using Siemens’ Soarian® Clinicals hospital information systems experienced by the Gävle Hospital in Sweden. But there is more in this issue of Heartbeat: find out how a private practice set up a routine 3T CMR service with MAGNETOM® Skyra and Cardiac Dot Engine, and how the emergency department (ED) of Mercy Medical Center could accommodate significant ED volume increases by introducing point-of-care high-sensitive Troponin-I testing with Stratus® CS Acute Care™ Diagnostic Systems. In addition, don’t miss reading the article on cardioncology – a new collaborative discipline at the intersection of cardiology and oncology.
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