Heartbeat – March 2015

Third issue

Siemens Healthcare |  Mar 16, 2015

In this issue of Heartbeat, you will read about healthcare professionals from around the world and how they have changed and improved cardiovascular care.

Our cover story describes how intraoperative imaging using our mobile C-arm Cios Alpha helps Prof. Podesser in St. Poelten, Austria, increase access to demanding procedures such as TAVI and endovascular repair in his region.

How can intravascular real-time volume ultrasound imaging (4D ICE) impact the evolution of cardiovascular procedures? To answer this question, we visited two early adopters of 4D ICE using ACUSON AcuNav™ V, Dr. Al-Ahmad in the USA and Dr. Vasco da Gama Ribeiro in Portugal. They describe their pioneering work introducing 4D ICE in electrophysiology and interventional procedures in structural heart disease.

Enjoy reading this issue of Heartbeat!