AXIOM Innovations - June 2011

Siemens Healthcare |  Jun 01, 2011

We at Siemens Healthcare want our customers to have the best possible image quality and guidance to make their treatment decisions with confidence. For imaging challenges during interventional procedures we have introduced CLEAR – an imaging technology to enhance the contrast of vessel edges, improve stent visibility and to correct noise and motion artefacts, but without increasing X-ray dose for the patient or staff.

Over the last years, 3D imaging has become equally important in the interventional suite. 3D applications like syngo DynaCT have improved greatly, providing excellent guidance and orientation during interventions. And not only radiologists and cardiologists can benefit in their labs. In hybrid surgery, too, fixed C-arm systems and 3D imaging have become more than just a trend, especially in cardiac and vascular surgery. But there are more clinical disciplines that benefit tremendously from using 3D imaging. For instance neurosurgeons and thoracic surgeons see a lot of potential in our solutions for their ORs. Thoracic surgery is a field that could benefit greatly from angiographic 2D and 3D image guidance for the biopsy and treatment of lung nodes. In addition, the ability to guide the catheter to peripheral lesions and immediately start therapy could be very useful in treating lung cancer.