Siemens OPENLink System Optimization Seminar

Siemens OPENLink Seminar

Siemens OPENLink System Optimization Seminar
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9:00 a.m.Registration/Continental Breakfast
9:30 a.m.
 Siemens OPENLink Product Update: An opportunity
to learn what is new in the latest version of Siemens
OPENLink and the future roadmap.
Siemens OPENLink Grouping: This session will
provide an overview of how to apply Grouping to
transactions. Grouping controls the logical order of
repeating segments in a Siemens OPENLink
transaction. With this knowledge, you will be able to
ensure data reaches its destination in the correct order.
 Noon Lunch (will be provided)
  Siemens OPENLink Test Server: You will learn some of
the advanced features of Siemens OPENLink Test Server.
  Siemens OPENLink Architecture: Learn how Siemens
OPENLink relates to the 7 layer OSI model. We will
discuss what happens to data at each layer so that you
can apply this to Siemens OPENLink troubleshooting.
 Tips and Tricks: Discover some useful tips and tricks
to take advantage of Siemens OPENLink capabilities.
Discussion will include determining optimal
settings for archiving.
 Strengthening Our Partnership: Review and provide
feedback on Siemens OPENLink proposed enhancements.
Hear what your fellow customers are doing and
share your successes and challenges.
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