Innovations for Imaging Education Symposium

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Innovations for Imaging Education Symposium
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Keynote Speaker

Making a Difference through Patient and Provider Wellness
Dr. Peter Salgo is an Emmy Award-winning health and science correspondent and respected healthcare futurist. As a practicing physician at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, he makes rounds five days a week. Specializing in intensive care medicine, the pre- and post-operative treatment of heart patients, heart transplant recipients, and artificial heart candidates, he maintains a full-time practice in Intensive Care Medicine in the Surgical ICU's at Columbia. Dr. Salgo is also the author of the groundbreaking book, The Heart of the Matter. The book introduces a preventative program that includes traditional diet and exercise guidelines, as well as a blanket recommendation that adults, even young adults, incorporate medicines into their on-going pursuit of health and longevity. Clearly healthcare is changing. In his presentation, Dr. Salgo will address how healthcare delivery models are changing and wellness has become the new touchstone for healthcare, both for patients and caregivers. He will emphasize the critical importance of patient and provider wellness in today’s healthcare environment and show healthcare providers how to ride the wave of the wellness revolution.


Professionals Program

World Class Patient Satisfaction: Delivering a Compassionate Experience to Every Patient, Every Time, No Exception
Brian Lee is one of North America’s leading experts in the field of World-Class patient experience, staff engagement and culture change. He is a recognized author on HCAHPS Improvement and Value-Based Purchasing. He has spoken in every state and province in North America and led hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations through the journey to service excellence. Brian not only educates his audience on the how-to's of patient satisfaction and loyalty (a particularly important subject in this era of HCAHPS and Value-Based Purchasing), he also inspires hope and commitment, to bring a renewed passion for care-giving. In this presentation, Brian will provide guidance on how to identify patient expectations, understand the real reasons patients complain, how to tap into your personal power to win over difficult patients, and how your role can leverage HCAHPS survey results to maximize patient satisfaction within your organization.


Beyond One Size Fits All: Tapping Into the Strengths of Your Multi-Generational Team
Karen McCullough is an inspiring speaker, who draws on her varied background as a highly successful educator, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and CEO to enlighten some of the world’s top companies, universities, and organizations. The days of “one size fits all” in the workplace are gone. In Karen's presentation, she shows how to cut through the generational stereotypes by leveraging team strengths, inspiring collaboration, and driving better results. Each generation brings a unique perspective to the workplace and Karen has successfully identified the key differences between the generations/genders/cultures and the strengths and prime motivators that drive each group to succeed. Karen highlights the positive contributions, motivators, and style in working with, selling to, managing, or leading all generations. Participants will acquire tools to help them create an environment of multigenerational trust, harmony, collaboration, productivity, creativity, and innovation.


No More Team Drama: Creating a Culture of Camaraderie and Common Cause
Maintaining group cohesion and team spirit in a stressful and compassion-demanding environment like healthcare is tough. Grumbling, discord, infighting, back-biting, gossip, and conflict can derail even the most talented team. With over 10 years of experience working in healthcare, Joe Mull works with healthcare organizations across the country every day to give them the skills they need to become high-performing, no drama healthcare teams. In his presentation, Joe takes an honest look at what healthcare professionals face daily while working in teams and teaches them how to focus, rally, and effortlessly collaborate, how to address toxic behavior that disrupts culture and damages morale, and how to cultivate a positive, happier team environment that delivers better patient care and service. In other words: No. More. Drama.


A Patient's Journey: The Care that Changed My Life
Janine Shepherd’s story reads like the plot of a Hollywood movie. An Australian national champion skier in training for the upcoming Olympics, she was hit by a truck on a bike ride, suffering multiple life-threatening injuries. As a spinal patient and partial paraplegic, Janine has a unique understanding and perspective on injury and trauma. Janine shares her personal experience of being a patient and living with a disability. Janine has witnessed first-hand the teamwork that has gone into her recovery, from the surgeons who operated on her, to the nursing staff and imaging professionals who cared to her, and the family that supported her. She shares her health and fitness philosophy and the tools she uses to maintain wellness. Janine’s presentation shares with healthcare professionals how their role in caring for patients can literally change a life.


The Healing Art of Communication: Techniques for Healthcare Professionals to Improve Communication
Burl Stamp has an extensive background in healthcare, having held several executive roles in his career. He is the author of "The Healing Art of Communication: A Healthcare Professionals Guide to Improving Communication" and creator of CAREmunication® and MyTEAM™, comprehensive professional development programs and tools designed to help health care providers improve communication among front-line managers and staff. Burl's focus and passion is helping healthcare organizations understand why communication competencies are so critical to the healthcare setting - because they have a direct impact related to care in patient safety, teamwork, and the patient experience. In his presentation, Burl shares tools and strategies to create strong communication skills that can positively impact teams and organizations.


What Patients Fear and Why We Need to Know
Colleen Sweeney, a registered nurse and experienced clinician, is the creator of the renowned Patient Empathy Project a three-year study about patient fears which unveiled that 96% of people have some fear regarding healthcare. Having spent a lifetime in hospitals as a nursing student, nurse’s aide, graduate nurse, registered nurse, educator, manager, and director, Colleen knows healthcare. Colleen's passion is helping care givers to see every interaction from the patient perspective. In her presentation, Colleen shares her research on what patients fear most and helps care givers understand what they can do to show empathy and make a difference. The end result: rapid and transformative changes in patient experiences and satisfaction. The good news is that caregivers don’t have to work harder or longer to achieve these monumental results. We just need to remind ourselves of WHY we chose this profession and reignite our passion and commitment to caregiving excellence.


Managers Program

Training Edge

Training Edge is a full-service training and development company committed to helping organizations achieve their highest level of success by strengthening their most powerful asset, their employees. With over 25 years of “hands on” experience and an extensive, proven track record with companies from a wide range of industries, Training Edge prides itself on taking the time to truly understand customers’ needs and then providing a customized solution that brings about results. Training Edge has capabilities and capacity in delivering training, instructional design, assessment tools, and professional coaching by leveraging the talent, knowledge and deep expertise of its facilitators that carry the highest credentials in the industry. Training Edge has been a trusted advisor to Siemens Healthineers for over 15 years, supporting their internal/external training and talent management needs.
The first day of the Managers Program, led byTraining Edge, is designed to provide effective leadership training for all healthcare professionals who want to enhance their capabilities, strengthen their skills, and acquire techniques to help them tackle their most pressing management issues and concerns.

Track A topics include:
Five Traits for Exemplary Leadership; Building Collaboration, Teamwork and Trust; Developing Skills Using a Structured Methodology; and Navigating Difficult Conversations.

Track B topics include: Growing Self-Awareness and Creating Positive Relationships; The Power of Words and Generous Listening; New Techniques and Strategies; and Creating a Competitive Edge for Your Organization.


As the world’s leading expert in Motivational Intelligence ™, 2logical has been entrusted by top multi-nationals, industry leaders and forward-thinking executives, to develop their most valuable asset – their people. For over 27 years, icons from across industry, such as Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Citibank, Charles Schwab and scores of others have leveraged 2logical’s expertise to overcome the most daunting challenges of our time. 2logical has been featured within many noted business development publications including Forbes, Training Magazine and CLO Magazine.
On the second day of the Managers Program, 2logical will address how to strengthen leadership skills and inspire employees through sharing proven strategies and methodologies that can be applied in healthcare organizations.

Topics include:
Power of Motivational Intelligence and the Realization that you Already Have It; The Simple Secrets to Time Management and Peak Performance; Instilling Personal Responsibility and Eliminating Excuses (the leaders first and most ongoing activity); and Elevating and Permanently Anchoring the Mindset of The Team (Mi—Accountability, Adaptability, Resilience, Initiative and Courage).