Rejuvenate Your Imaging Service PET•CT

Rejuvenate Your Imaging Service PET•CT
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Biograph(R) mCT 20 Excel
Affordable Performance

At Siemens, we believe that innovation is not simply about creating better technologies, but about solving problems. That’s why we created the Biograph mCT 20 Excel, a powerful molecular CT at a more affordable price.

Now, you have a state-of-the-art tool for detecting disease earlier, characterizing disease more accurately and improving therapy planning and monitoring — all while staying within your budget. Performance has never been so affordable.
*Patients up to 500 lbs

Experience full resolution

Highest NEMA resolution in the market*
with the smallest 4x4 mm LSO crystal. LSO crystals offer better sensitivity, higher count-rate statistics and high resolution.

2x improvement in signal-to-noise
with Siemens standard time of flight (TOF) technology which is count independent. Reconstruction times do no vary with injected dose levels or acquisition times.

Full HD lesion detection
and accurate SUV quantification with unique HD•Chest technology. HD•Chest amplitude-based gating removes both noise and motion to provide unprecedented molecular resolution to virtually all patients.

Clinical Benefits

  • Highest PET resolution for small tumors*
  • 2x improvement in signal-to-noise important with bariatric patients
  • Accurate SUV quantification of tumors in the lung

Workflow Benefits

  • One-click, routine gating
  • Fast TOF reconstruction times for improved throughput
  • Full lesion detectability in lung without impacting schedule

Financial Benefits

  • Increase referral base with molecular resolution
  • Provide gating for lung cancer without impacting schedule
  • Expand utilization of system with advanced PET services

*Based on Competitive Literature available at time of publication. Data on File.

Open to all patients*

Proactive monitoring program to ensure maximum uptime
with the unique Siemens Guardian Program™ including TubeGuard. Complex software algorithms predict the remaining tube life and proactively schedule service and replacement, ensuring maximum system uptime.

Proven platform with large installed base
with third generation lutetium-based system and the most integrated PET•CT on the market. Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in MD Buyline 2010.

Upgradeability to meet your needs today and in the future
built on a scaleable platform, the flexibility allows you to configure a system that best meets your needs – and your patients’ needs – today and tomorrow.
Clinical Benefits

  • Expanded clinical capabilities on both PET and CT

Workflow Benefits

  • Optimize workflow by preventing unplanned downtime
  • Continuous support with expert online support

Financial Benefits

  • No interruption to revenue stream
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • No forklift upgrades minimizes downtime during upgrades

Minimum Dose and Maximum Speed

Half the dose, twice the speed
Biograph mCT is meeting both of the core needs of improving patient safety and increasing productivity, at the same time, through our commitment: “Minimum Dose and Maximum Speed.” By reducing dose and increasing speed, costs are dramatically reduced, while increased utilization can also be achieved.

With CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure), Siemens has been highly successful in integrating many innovations into the Siemens scanners that significantly reduce radiation dose in comparison to other systems available on the market.

Utilizing FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) innovations, typically time consuming and complex procedures during the scan process are extremely simplified and automated, not only improving workflow efficiency and scanner utilization, but optimizing the overall clinical outcome by creating reproducible results, making diagnosis more reliable and reducing patient burden through streamlined examinations.

Your Return on Innovation
Clinical Return

  • Half the dose and the acquisition time while maintaining highest image quality
  • Minimum dose, especially to critical patients (children and patients with frequent follow-up exams)

Workflow Return

  • Whole-body PET scans in only 5 minutes
  • Lowest possible dose and high-speed workflow enabled by FAST CARE technologies

Financial Return

  • Reduce imaging radioisotope costs by reducing injected dose
  • Attract more referrals by increasing patient comfort with shorter exam times

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