Rejuvenate Your Imaging Service PET•CT

Rejuvenate Your Imaging Service PET•CT
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Biograph(R) TruePoint PET•CT
The World's First HD•PET Platform

Siemens Biograph® is a flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform. It offers an wide range of performance options to enhance image resolution and quality, improve patient satisfaction as well as throughput. Customize the Biograph® solution to meet your specific needs by selecting from various multislice CT configurations, high or standard resolution options, and clinical configuration options.

  • Visual improvement in image resolution with HD•PET1
  • Largest PET field of view in the industry, increasing count rate performance by >70%
  • Increased diagnostic confidence with 4.2 mm NEMA resolution



  • LSO crystals produce faster scans
  • HI-REZ offers exceptional resolution
  • TrueV provides the longest axial field of view
  • TrueC offers model-based scatter correction calculated independently for every patient and bed position
  • UFC detectors provide stunning CT image quality
  • SureView ensures maximum image quality and any scan speed
  • CARE Dose4D provides real-time dose modulation


  • Hybrid modality integration provides clinical accuracy and speed to diagnosis
  • Superb image quality improves diagnostic confidence
  • Ability to detect changes in molecular activity helps you :
  • Reveal primary tumors
  • Detect metastases
  • Quantify uptake

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Clinical Image Galery

Conventionally reconstructed images compared to images reconstructed with HD•PET