Biograph mMR

Simultaneous MR and PET imaging.

Biograph mMR
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As the world leader in both MRI and PET, Siemens possesses the engineering expertise to fully integrate the two.

We've designed the first PET detectors that allow the integration of whole-body MR and PET - without compromising the performance of either modality

Overview Technical Details
Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm
System length199 cm
System weight (in operation)9.0 tons
Minimum room size33 m²
RF Tim[102 x 18] [102 x 32]
Gradient strengthMQ Gradients (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)
Helium consumptionZero helium boil-off technology

Siemens' technologies                                                        

  • MR-compatible PET detectors: unique mMR block detector architecture includes integrated cooling features to provide optimal PET performance, as well as specialized shielding to virtually eliminate magnetic field interference in the PET data processing chain.
  • Tim: optimized design for Biograph mMR and low-attenuation materials in Tim mMR coils and the mMR Tim Table minimize attenuation of the PET signals. This helps improve the consistency of PET data results.

PET specifications

The integrated state-of-the art PET detectors and detector cooling channels ensure optimal PET performance in Biograph mMR.

PET Detectors 
Crystal materialLSO
Crystal element dimension4 x 4 x 20 mm
NEMA 2007 – Transverse spatial resolution 
FWHM @ 1 cm4.4 mm
Sensitivity13.2 cps/kBq
Peak NEC rate (@ 21.8 kBq/cc)175 kcps
Axial FoV for PET258 mm

Magnet technology

Biograph mMR includes TrueForm Magnet Design. This results in better image quality by reducing the unusable edges in the images as well as better fat saturation for the whole area covered in a scan.

Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm
Magnet length163 cm
Helium consumptionZero helium boil-off technology

Gradient system

Biograph mMR includes an actively shielded whole-body gradient system for excellent spatial and temporal resolution, enabling patient-specific shimming.

GradientsMQ Gradients: 45 mT/m
Slew rateMQ Gradients: 200 T/m/s

RF technology

Unique TrueForm RF design includes innovative techniques in the RF excitation hardware as well as new application and processing features.

  • Uniform RF distribution in all body regions
  • Optimized amplitude and phase transmission settings
  • Homogeneous B1 distribution

Siting and installation

Siting one system instead of two allows a significant reduction in costs.

System length199 cm
System weight (in operation)9.0 tons
Minimum room size33 m2

Biograph mMR requires an installation space similar to a conventional 3T MRI system, thus making the most of your precious space. The benefits of Biograph mMR are obvious: one room, one cooling system, one operator.

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