Mobile to Fixed PET/CT Services

Mobile to Fixed PET/CT Services
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The Choice is Yours

Would you like to capture more PET/CT revenue? Or increase services without embarking on a major capital project? The choice is yours with modular PET/CT services from Siemens Healthcare. Together with MedBuild, we provide modular buildings designed exclusively for the complete Biograph® family of PET/CT systems.

Modular buildings are a quick, cost-effective, and flexible way to add space for imaging services without a major capital expense. Siemens and MedBuild offer a high-quality building solution by using an accelerated modular construction process, which reduces your construction timeline and costs—helping you generate ROI faster.

Modular PET/CT Designed for Biograph Systems.

Built upon our history of innovation, the Biograph family is engineered for operational flexibility and clinical accuracy. With a Biograph system, you can:

obtain superb image resolution and quality

  • meet patient throughput goals with fast imaging speed
  • improve your clinical confidence and case management
  • increase referring physician and patient satisfaction


Modular Solutions Resources

Interactive Modular PET/CT Design Tool
It might be modular but it’s definitely out of the box! Construct your own modular PET/CT solution with this interactive design tool!