Mobile to Fixed PET/CT Services

Mobile to Fixed PET/CT Services
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Does mobile offer you the best ROI?

Your PET/CT imaging service is busy—and it may get busier as new radiopharmaceuticals come to market, particularly agents for Alzheimer’s and other neurological applications. There could be a better way for you to handle increasing volumes, improve patient care and comfort, and be more competitive in your market: a permanent installed fixed PET/CT solution.

Moving your mobile imaging service to a fixed solution could open new opportunities for your institution, your referring physician, and your patients.

A complete fixed PET/CTsolution means you have a partner who will work with you every step of the way as you transition from your mobile service to a fixed solution.

As part of this solution, you will receive:


Support from financing to education

Take advantage of the following services:


  • Market potential evaluation based on regional demographics
  • Return on Investment calculations
  • Attractive financing solutions
  • Implementation support
  • Joint business development
  • Turn-key project management
  • Service and maintenance with uptime guarantee and response time commitment
  • Dose insurance programs
  • Latest PET/CT imaging technology with Siemens scalable Biograph® mCT solutions
  • High-quality dose production, easy ordering logistics, and reliable dose delivery
  • Education and training


Potential for better scheduling and flexibility

  • Routine PET/CT scans are possible thanks to the Biograph mCT PET/CT system. It supports your oncological, cardiological, and neurological case management with the potential for an earlier, more precise diagnosis and precise monitoring of disease progression.
  • With the Biograph mCT, you can offer advanced CT and PET imaging while maximizing your clinical and operational efficiency. In fact, not only can you perform PET/CT imaging, but you can also use the Biograph mCT for diagnostic CT exams, making it ideal for handling overflow CT volume or for use as a back-up CT.

High-quality radiopharmaceuticals

With PETNET Solutions*, you have access to PET radiopharmaceuticals that meet the applicable pharmacopeial standards for product quality and purity.

As part of Siemens Molecular Imaging, PETNET Solutions services complement the most comprehensive molecular imaging portfolio in the industry, which includes imaging equipment for clinical settings and preclinical research, cyclotrons, radiochemistry modules and investigational imaging biomarkers.
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PET/CT Will Grow beyond Oncology. Be Ready.

  • Amyloid Imaging is the next major application of PET/CT
  • Learn more:
  • Early adopters will enjoy the preference of referring physicians
  • Other growth opportunities include:


                        Sodium fluoride bone imaging

                        New biomarkers

*PETNET Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Implementation solutions & Customized education

Our Solutions Implementation group is dedicated to providing you with collaborative, value-added solutions associated with the planning and implementation of your PET/CT system. In partnership with you and your team, we work with you toward the successful installation of your system—on time and on budget.
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We offer specialized equipment training to help you optimize your system while obtaining continuing education credits. We also provide unique, customized education programs specifically designed to meet your clinical education needs.
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Proactive service programs

  • Your investment demands the protection of a service agreement that is comprehensive yet flexible enough to meet your needs. That’s why we offer a broad portfolio of service programs, such as:

                         Remote services with online system access via VPN

                         Expert technical support

  • Advanced service products more

                         Siemens Guardian: continuous, remote, realtime system monitoring and proactive assurance of system availability

Service Programs

A complete fixed Siemens PET/CT solution means you have a partner who will work with you every step of the way.

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