Minimum Dose, Maximum Speed

The world’s first and only ultra-fast myocardial perfusion imaging solution for SPECT and SPECT/CT Exams

Minimum Dose, Maximum Speed
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Conventional scanners use parallel-hole collimators and orbits about the center of the gantry. Detectors rotate in close proximity to the patient, often causing feelings of claustrophobia.

IQ•SPECT positions the heart in the center of the collimator field of view and positions the detectors at a 28 cm radius for the cardio-centric orbit. IQ•SPECT uses the flexibility of the Symbia™ gantry to position each detector at an optimal distance to maximize sensitivity gain and minimize feelings of claustrophobia.


Combined with advanced reconstruction, this method allows for a selection of optimized protocol options:


  • 4 min, standard dose
  • 8 min, half dose
  • 16 min, quarter dose


Regardless of patient body type, age or gender, IQ•SPECT offers excellent image quality with minimum dose and maximum speed.


The heart is always in the maximum zoom area, in the center of the detectors rotation. The detectors are kept at ~10cm apart, in a 104 degree angle and with a radius of rotation of 28 cm.

Both gated and non-gated acquisitions of Tc-99m or Tl-201 are supported. The entire patient setup adds just one additional step to identify the position of the heart on the touch screen patient positioning monitor.