First Comprehensive Amyloid Imaging Solution1

When evaluating for Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of cognitive decline

First Comprehensive Amyloid Imaging Solution1
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Two major challenges for utilizing novel imaging biomarkers are limited access and low delivery reliability. Limited access results in the inability to offer this new service to communities and therefore imaging centers being unable to expand their clinical offerings and revenue.












Low reliability results in patient dissatisfaction due to rescheduling, which may damage the reputation between the imaging center and its referring physicians. Siemens PETNET Solutions operates the largest network of PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities for novel imaging biomarkers in the United States. This current network covers most of the high Alzheimer’s disease prevalence areas in the country.


The combination of higher purity demands and the complex nature of novel imaging biomarkers introduce the need for rigorous purification techniques, as well as new manual and automated manufacturing steps. As a result, the standard manufacturing process for novel, non-traditional imaging biomarkers presents greater opportunity for failure and consequently lower delivery reliability compared with traditional PET radiopharmaceuticals. To overcome this, Siemens PETNET Solutions employs standardized and validated equipment, dedicated and experienced scientists and pharmacists and automated processes in combination with unique redundant back-up production. The result is a production process that allows Siemens PETNET Solutions to achieve high delivery reliability of PET imaging biomarkers in the USA.