VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)

Highly Accurate HCV Genotype and Subtype Detection

VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)
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Catalog No.ProductNo. of Tests
10313066Auto-LiPA 48 Genotyping Instrument48 Tests/Run
10315618AutoBlot 3000H Genotyping Instrument20 Tests/Run
10282928VERSANT kPCR Sample Prep1 Unit
10702391VERSANT kPCR SP Workstation Kit1 Unit
10492004VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay40 Tests
10492005VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay100 Tests
10719666VERSANT HCV Amplification 2.0 Kit40 Tests
10719667VERSANT HCV Amplification 2.0 Kit100 Tests
10719668VERSANT HCV Control 2.0 Kit6 Tests
Software and Scanner
10492006LiPA - Scan HCV IVD Software V1.001 Unit
10817497LiPA SP 2.0 Software Installation Kit1 Unit
10322207Scanner, LiPA-Scan-verified (110 V)1 Unit


LiPA Consumables

10330923Auto-LiPA 30 Strips Tray (25 per set)

Auto-LiPA 48 Strips Tray (25 per set)

10315381AutoBlot 3000 Strips Tray (25 per set)

VERSANT LiPA Scan Reading Template (25 templates)


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The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA) is a line probe assay, for in vitro diagnostic use, which identifies Hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes 1 to 6 and subtypes 1a and 1b in human serum or plasma (K2EDTA, ACD-A CPD, and CPDA) samples. The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA) is intended to be used as an aid in the management of patients with chronic HCV infection to guide the selection of antiviral treatment. The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA) is not approved for use as a donor screening test for HCV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HCV.