Upgrade to the Biograph Horizon

Starting at $999,000: Limited-Time Offer

Upgrading and replacing your PET/CT scanner has never been easier. With minimal investment you can access premium PET/CT technology with LSO-detectors and Time-of-Flight to enable fast scans, low injected dose and excellent image quality.

  • Meet the SMART Dose Standard (NEMA XR-29) to maintain your reimbursement rate for Medicare patients.
  • Standardize care across staff and maximize departmental efficiency with automated organ-based planning, automation of manual tasks and fast reconstruction times.
  • Maximize room utilization and expand clinical applications with the ability for Biograph Horizon to be used as a back-up CT and support radiation therapy planning, neurology and cardiology procedures with simple on-site upgrades.

Overall with the Biograph Horizon you can build or expand your PET/CT services affordably. Meet XR-29 dose compliance regulations, achieve high clinical accuracy, and simply workflow operations.

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To learn more about your options and create a transition plan that is optimal for your department, simply fill out the form and request more information.


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