Asset Planning Session

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Asset Planning Session
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Essential Elements of an Asset Planning Session

Market Analysis

A market analysis examines projected trends and developments within your region of operation, including health risk factors, disease prevalence, and potential demand for imaging procedures, so that you can prepare your systems now for future needs.

Utilization Analysis

A utilization analysis* shows your patient throughput and exam times and volumes for each system. We use this data to establish benchmarks to comparable facilities and identify where workflow or clinical improvements could be beneficial.


* Depends on the availability of system utilization management data

Strategy Discussion

The strategy discussion focuses on your business requirements and challenges, such as expanding clinical capabilities, cutting costs, reducing radiation exposure, and improving patient satisfaction. We listen to your ideas for addressing these needs and challenges and discuss cost-efficient solutions for inclusion in your customized asset plan.

Configuration Overview

The configuration overview shows a side-by-side comparison of your installed Siemens systems. It details the systems’ age, available options and upgrades, and any prerequisites.

Asset Management Plan

The asset plan details development opportunities for your existing Siemens systems and their associated costs. You can utilize the plan to achieve your defined short- and long-term business goals and keep pace with market demands.



Email us at or contact your Siemens representative to schedule your complimentary Asset Planning Session. Together, we can uncover the best ways to maximize the potential of your Siemens systems.

The foregoing analysis is provided to evaluate the business potential of a certain offering and can support the assessment of future equipment acquisitions. In no event does Siemens make (i) any express or implied warranties with respect to any use of this tool or (ii) any guarantees regarding actual results (e.g., profits, cash flow or return on investment), which will vary based on numerous factors outside the control of Siemens. In addition, actual revenues and expenses will vary depending on the specific operating costs, types and number of procedures performed, reimbursement amounts, and many other factors of an institution. Prior to the expansion of service and the acquisition of any medical equipment, each institution should consider seeking independent advice (including financial and legal advice) with respect to current and future demand for healthcare services as well as the assumptions necessary to complete the analysis set forth in this tool.