CT Dose Parameters and Dose Reductions

Siemens Healthcare now offering Low-Dose On-Site Application Training!


Enlist our Customer Education Specialist to assist you in realizing the lowest dose possible for your patients. The education package includes:


Pre-requisite e-learnings

  • CT Image Quality and Parameters
  • CARE Dose4D


On-Site Applications Agenda

  • Staff Presentation – Siemens Software and Hardware Solutions to Reduce Dose in CT
  • Twenty Four (24) Hours onsite applications

     1. Understanding Dose Awareness
     2 .Overview of Dose Reduction Techniques and Methods
     3. Dose Reduction Strategy for Customers Particular CT
     4. Protocol Optimization
     5. Radiologist Review of Image Quality using ALARA Principle

  • Review of Available Online Resources for Low-Dose Scanning
  • Whitepaper Review
  • Easy Guide to Low Dose Handout


For additional information and pricing please contact you Siemens sales executive.
(Please allow 4-6 weeks to schedule this training package.)