Cross-Modality Approaches to Dose Reduction

Cross-Modality Approaches to Dose Reduction
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The potential risk of exposure to ionizing radiation derived from diagnostic medical imaging tests has been actively debated in various press and journal articles. Delivering the right care to the patient with the appropriate radiation dose has always been one of the foremost goals within the healthcare community. However, whether it is a diagnostic imaging center, single hospital, or multi-hospital system, the issues surrounding radiation dose management have been complex. This is partially based on the wide variety of technology used throughout the healthcare spectrum and the need to manage different protocols and processes along with varying levels of knowledge among users.

This challenge can be successfully addressed with a powerful, dedicated dose management solution:

The Radiation Dose Management – powered by Radimetrics – is a comprehensive dose tracking system. When used with Siemens’ powerful Radiology Information System (RIS) application, syngo Workflow, the Radiation Dose Management Solution automatically captures the radiation dose information in the diagnostic report without any additional clicks or dictation.
This helps to save time, enhance data accuracy, and reduce any additional overhead.

Features to support patient safety and reporting

  • Cumulative Dose Tracking Scorecard
    The patient scorecard enables meaningful use of a patient’s cumulative dose. This includes both size-adjusted estimates of effective dose and an estimated absorbed dose for individual organs.
  • Dosimetry Worksheet
    The Dosimetry Worksheet incorporates an advanced Monte Carlo simulation engine that allows the user to perform “what if” scenarios with an interactive and intuitive interface. It provides a graphical display of absorbed dose by organ or body part; effects of scan length, tube voltage and tube current on absorbed and effective doses; and an estimation of the resulting dose to patients of different age, size, and gender.
  • Protocol Management Tools
    Facilities often need a variety of tools to keep track of their protocols. This is why the Radiation Dose Management Solution includes protocol management tools such as support for multiple scanners, ability to illustrate protocols on diagrams, track revisions to protocols, and customize style sheets.
  • Reporting Dashboards
    Easy access to data for further analysis is enabled with customizable dashboards. These dashboards feature interactive display components such as charts and tables and drill-down capabilities to deliver information in a simple and intelligent format.
  • Productivity and Utilization
    The solution provides the ability to monitor the real-time utilization of equipment and productivity through the easy-to-use and customizable dashboards. Data collection is performed automatically and can even show the actual scanning activity of a modality.


Benefits for more transparency and satisfaction

  • Technologists are enabled to make more informed decisions regarding the care of a patient through newly introduced clinical alert capabilities that can bring attention to potential over exposure conditions based on dose reference level thresholds defined by their organization or safety officer
  • Immediate feedback to technologists and radiologists on the radiation dose delivered during a study.
  • Reduced effort and cost associated with meeting accreditation and regulatory requirements.
  • Higher satisfaction of referring physicians and patients thanks to improved access to and analysis of current and historical dose information