Practical Resources for Cardiology

Practical Resources for Cardiology
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Find a variety of materials for further reading.

Download: Top 50 – Selected Scientific Papers – Definition Flash (April 2011)
This document contains 50 selected scientific papers.

Link: Pictures of the Future article – Low Dose Cardiac Diagnostics
Computed tomography has established itself as a reliable method for cardiac examinations. But concerns about the possibility of excessive radiation have prevented its routine use for the early detection of coronary artery disease. The latest generation of CT scanners promises to change that.

Download: Clinical Publications – SOMATOM Definition (May 2009)
This document contains around 300 peer-reviewed publications. Highlights on the dose reduction topic: Full cardiac detail at half the dose (Scheffel, Heart 2008) 120 patients, low dose coronary CTA: DSCT allows for the accurate diagnosis of significant coronary stenoses at a low radiation dose of 2.5 mSv.

Link: Radiation Dose for Thoracic and Coronary Step-and-Shoot CT Using a 128-Slice Dual-Source Machine in Infants and Small Children with Congenital Heart Disease.
Paul JF, Rohnean A, Elfassy E, Sigal-Cinqualbre A.
Pediatr Radiol. 2011 Feb; 41(2):244-9. Epub 2010 Sep 4

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