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Benefit from our long-term experience as a partner and innovation driver for healthcare enterprises – in the fields of imaging systems, advanced visualization, imaging IT, and workflow consulting. With Siemens, you can maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of today’s complex healthcare transformation while you remain focused on improving patient care.

Enterprise Imaging IT comprises:

  • Reading, Reporting and Viewing – automated tools that support reading workflow standardization of almost all clinical cases (e.g. Radiology, Cardiology)
  • Advanced Visualization – highly sophisticated and specialist diagnostic tools for evidence-based reading and reporting of complex cases
  • Archiving – enterprise-wide vendor neutral archiving and data life cycle management on one platform
  • Imaging Workflow – a range of valuable tools that help increase efficiency while decreasing operational cost
  • Interoperability – easily connected thanks to a standard-based, IHE-compliant connectivity platform that eliminates information silos and costly integration points


The integrated imaging IT solutions at a glance:

Flexibly supporting consolidation
The modular and scalable Enterprise Imaging IT solution helps consolidate the existing heterogeneous IT landscape. Daily operations and IT integration can be optimized – and operational costs can be reduced. For example: The consistent syngo user interface is easy and intuitive to use. This keeps training requirements low and makes staff allocation more flexible.

Doing more with less
Enhance process efficiency, optimize outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction – with Enterprise Imaging IT. The IHE-compliant solution connects everybody involved in the care process, even beyond the enterprise. A patient-centric information flow, standardized workflows, and seamless interoperability help avoid double examinations and foster reproducible results.

Building a long-term partnership
Backed by decades of experience in imaging modalities and IT, we want to add value to your whole Enterprise Imaging strategy as your long-term partner. Our consulting, education, and IT services help you tap the full potential of your existing IT, improve day-to-day operations, and streamline administration. Generate better results at lower costs – with value-oriented healthcare.

Profit from a good partnership

"Good partnerships are the key to success. Finding the right partner is the decisive factor – because typically you’ll work together for years or decades.”
Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Werner Leodolter,
Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH
Chief Information Officer, Information & Process Management

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